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Acts of revenge may result in the loss of something very dear to you.

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7. In addition to being characters that advance the plot, Polonius, Laertes and Ophelia are symbols.

Tools of the Trade: Subjects and Verbs

If the question is about technique, talk about how it affects the others-one per paragraph.

In General, Avoid the Swamp of Published Criticism

STRUCTURALISM: The idea in sociology, anthropology, literary theory, or linguistics that the best way to understand a cultural artifact (like family units, religious rites, or human language) is not to define each component individually, as its own unique element, but rather to define each component by its relationship to other parts of the same structure. To give a rough example, consider a concept like "father" in American society. If we were attempting to define this concept and how the role functions in American society or in a traditional family from the 1950s, a nonstructuralist might define a father as "a male adult figure who provides income for the family and who serves as an authority figure or protector." Such a definition seeks to define the role based on what it does or what it is, per se. In contrast, a structuralist might instead seek to define a "father" by showing the relationship that figure would have in the larger structure of the family, i.e., a "father corresponds to a mother, but is of opposite gender, and the two together may have children, forming a larger structure called a family, and within that family the father traditionally protects the children and labors outside the household while the mother nutures them within the home." For the structuralist, it makes no sense to define a father without considering the other parts of the family structure and explaining the father's role in relationship to those other parts. The role of father cannot exist if the roles of mother and children do not exist. They are interdependent in ontology.

SCIENTIFICTION: An older term for --see above.

Very little in the Elsinore of "Hamlet" is what it seems.

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SPÉIRBHEAN (Irish Gaelic, "sky-woman," pronounced like the English words "spare van"): A stock character in poetry, the Spéirbhean is a female figure, either young and beautiful or aged and withered, who appears before the poet in a vision. She is similar to the supernatural female characters appearing in the French poetic genre of the reverdie. In aisling poetry, she usually represents the Irish people or the Irish nation.

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There is sexual tension between Hamlet and Gertrude, his mother.

Just before Hamlet takes the action we've all been waiting for, the King allows Gertrude, the only person for whom he has any affection, to drink the poisoned wine.

The death throes of Gertrude, the Queen, may be disturbing to sensitive children.

There is some minor violence between them.

Hamlet's revenge is postponed until Claudius, who is the King and absolute power in Denmark, is revealed as someone so evil that his extermination is necessary for the protection of society.

The director intended this and it is part of the interpretation of the play.

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the problems caused by tit-for-tat revenge in honor cultures, see .) The government, through courts and administrative agencies, tempered by the due process of law, has a monopoly on punishment.