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Okay Im very freaked out now about 2 weeks ago I had a party at my apartment. I used my logitech ipod docking station to host the music. After the party me and my girlfriend cleaned up and went to sleep not knowing I had left the ipod still in the docking station. At about 4 in the morning the ipod station turned on blasting music all over my apt. I woke up and went to turn it off. I had no alarm or anything set so i was a little skeptical but didnt think too much of it. Until tonight me and my girlfriend were watching the vikings and saints game and my bose wave music sytem turned on upstairs. Me and my girlfriend went up their together it was playing very low so we unplugged it and turned it on ourselves and it started up regularly loud. Im freaked also another strange thing that happened today it is extremely cold in my apartment colder than outside so im just worried. Please Help.

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Sometimes a glowing screen can’t replace the feel and flexibility of old fashioned pen and paper.…

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hello, just wish to ask what has happened since you wrote on this page — as i am having some of these experiences with my daughter at the moment.

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Now I do not know what to think, I am not really scared of unexplained things like this — but I would rather not be woken up by the TV and made to jump and squeal like a little b**ch by having doors slamming shut behind me…

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Consider reading one (or all) of these books: .

Hi tonight I was sitting with my fiance and we heard the tv come on in our bedroom. We were in the room next door and when we walked in, the 2 remotes and our cordless phone were lined up on our bed and there was a toy penguin cushion positioned as if it was watching tv. The disc in the dvd player had also been changed and it was playing as we walked in. This is the first thing that has happened in quite a while, but definately the strangest occurance so far.

3. The sound of footsteps when no one is walking around (last night).

I traditionally authored,’Yo God! Jay’s Story’ and just presented it at a book signing event at the prestigious Huntington Book Revue last month. Since this event I was approached to ghost write a book for an author who wrote a book that has a translation problem. She is an immigrant and her grammar etc. needs reworking )Even with this, she does well at speaking engagements . (They pay her to speak on the subject) She wants me to ghost write her book and is offering me half her speaking income. I don’t know how much that is or how much to charge for her 150 page self pubbed book. Can you cast any light on this for me?

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My daughter has a battery operated alarm clock. Since coming back from Thanksgiving vacation, I would turn the alarm clock to "ON," so it goes off in the a.m. I've noticed all week that my daughter wont wake up. So I go in her room to turn on the light and look at the back of the alarm clock to find that the switch has been turned OFF. Now my daughter is a heavy sleeper so I doubt that she is the one who is turning it off, but it's driving me crazy that I find this happening every morning now. I even went in her room one night to make sure the switch was ON, to see the next morning that someone turned it OFF. What is going on? Am I going crazy? Is my daughter turning off her alarm clock in her sleep?

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Ten years in journalism sound like pretty good credentials to me!

In my case, I proofread bills and laws for the Texas Senate, directed communications for a large church, wrote copy for a law firm, edited a content marketing website, and became a self-employed editor before breaking into ghostwriting through a fortuitous referral. At the time, I thought I was lucky to have earned the opportunity to write for someone else be paid for it.

Put in your  of reading and writing. Earn the right to write for others.

So, do good work and more work should come.

Hi Blake, Jesse! Ghostwriting is a venue that has also fallen into my lap. I just finished a book and someone has inquired about me ghostwriting their story. I am so honored with the opportunity, however do not have any resources on how to jumpstart GW as a career path.