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Thus, in introductory sections to [Henry Holt and Company, 2014], conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly (& Martin Dugard) give us this long characterization of Franklin Roosevelt's programs:

Many believed that FDR's strategy of of the New Deal were socialistic, .

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We also get the statement that the American people saw their previous government as "either unwilling or unable to fix the problems." This may have been true, but then it obscures the circumstance that Herbert Hoover believed just as much as Franklin Roosevelt in the "the public works projects" that O'Reilly cites as an (!) part of the New Deal.

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This violated not only the "takings" clause of the Fifth Amendment but even the hard won Thirteenth Amendment itself: any businessman who is required by Federal law to serve customers he doesn't want to serve is, indeed, in the thrall of "involuntary servitude." This deconstruction of the principle of into the means of destroying freedom was due, not to Abraham Lincoln, but to subsequent socialist propaganda and to the massive breach effected in property rights when Franklin Roosevelt finally got the Supreme Court to wave through key New Deal legislation (instituting "relaxed review" of property rights and infringement on "commercial" free speech).

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