Who is the real monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

is an inspiring scientist who studies the dead. He wants to be the first person to give life to a dead human being. He spends all of his time concentrating on this goal, and gives up his family and friends. When he finally accomplishes this, everything falls apart. So, Victor Frankenstein is to blame for the tragedy, not the monster he has created, because he is the mastermind behind the whole operation, and he is supposed to have everything under control, working properly as a good scientist should do.

Who is the real monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Knoepflmacher's "Thoughts on theAggression of Daughters," which demonstrates that is a novel of emotionally distant fathersand absent mothers. A psychiatrist argues in a 1982essay that Mary Shelley conceived of herself as an "exception tothe rules," an individual who sensed that she had sufferedunjustly because of her mother's death. More recently, Mary Poovey fusesfeminist and psychoanalytic criticism in (1984), while William Veeder suggests in (1986) that the novelreflects the author's lifelong concern with the psychologicalideal of androgyny and its opposite, bifurcation. The briefhistory of psychoanalytic criticism on thusreveals a movement from Oedipal to pre-Oedipal approaches.Surprisingly, the narcissistic implications of the story havenot yet been directly confronted. Mary Shelley subtitled the "Modern Prometheus," but she could havealso referred to it as the "Modern Narcissus." Victor exhibits,in fact, all the characteristics of the narcissistic personalitydisorder as defined in : a grandi- ose senseof self-importance; preoccupation with fantasies of unlimitedsuccess; exhibitionism; cool indifference or feelings of rage inresponse to criticism; and interpersonal disturbances, includingexploitativeness, alternation between overidealization anddevaluation, and lack of empathy.

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Andyet as we shall see, the real monster in isthe scientist whose monstrous empathic failure comes back tohaunt him.Published in 1818 to immediate popular and literary acclaim, has been slow to receive the closepsychoanalytic scru- tiny it richly deserves.

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Encouraged by Percy, Mary developed the little ghost story into a novel, which she finished in May of 1817 at Marlow and published in March 1818. To those who have not read the book, the name Frankenstein is often associated with the monster rather than its creator. The mistake is perhaps not altogether erroneous, for as many critics point out the creature and his maker are doubles of one another, or doppelgängers. Their relationship is similar to that between the head and the heart, or the intellect and the emotion. The conception of the divided self--the idea that the civilized man or woman contains within a monstrous, destructive force--emerges as the creature echoes both Frankenstein's and narrator Robert Walton's loneliness: all three wish for a friend or companion. Frankenstein and his monster alternately pursue and flee from one another. Like fragments of a mind in conflict with itself, they represent polar opposites which are not reconciled, and which destroy each other at the end. For example, the creature enacts the repressed desires of its maker, alleviating Victor Frankenstein's fear of sexuality by murdering his bride, Elizabeth Lavenza, on their wedding night. Identities merge, as Frankenstein frequently takes responsibility for the creature's action: for instance, after the deaths of the children William and Justine, both of which were caused by the creature, Frankenstein admits they were "the first hapless victims to [his] unhallowed arts."

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Frankenstein is a tale about an ambitious young scientist who in his practice oversteps the boundaries of acceptable science and creates a monster which destroys everything Victor Frankenstein loved and held dear.

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Throughout the whole story of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley implements most, if not all, of the elements of romanticism, whether the elements are portrayed by the monster or by Victor Frankenstein himself....