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Even now my blood boils at therecollection of this injustice.()Frankenstein presents himself as trapped within his ownconsciousness using the very image of bound:

For an instant I dared to shake off my chains and look around mewith a free and lofty spirit, but the iron had eaten into myflesh, and I sank again, trembling and hopeless, into mymiserable self.()
Only once is the being able to forget his bitterness againstFrankenstein and react intuitively to the natural world aroundhim.

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He had abandoned me, and, in the bitterness of my heart, Icursed him.()In the creature's repeated cursing of Frankenstein, Mary negatedthe excuse for divine injustice which biblical writers fell backon -- that human beings should accept 's judgement because He is their creator.

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The justice isindisputably on his side, and his sufferings are, to me,touching in the last degree.'s anonymous of, published posthumously in , saw the novel'smessage as primarily -- 'Treat a personill and he will become wicked'. In pleading with Frankenstein tomake him a female counterpart, the creature declares:

I was benevolent and good; misery made me a fiend.

What if Frankenstein had taken the responsibility as the creature's parent and created him with a little humanism and kindness.

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to the exhibition ofthe amiableness of domestic affection, and the excellence ofuniversal virtue.()At the book's centre, in stark contrast to Frankenstein'sphysical, and later psychological, isolation, is the pastoralidyll of the De Lacey family. In a cottage in the woods, father,daughter, son and his sweet-heart live in poverty, but relativejoy.

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The theme of Dangerous Knowledge in Frankenstein presents that, under most circumstances, the search for knowledge is encouraged and at times pressed by others.

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Love-making involves the giving of oneself wholly toanother person, and any children of the union become a sharedresponsibility, whereas Frankenstein still retains theegocentric, possessive perspective of his early childhood.

Enlightenment thinking not only influenced philosophy and the sciences, but also literature (especially in Pope's Essay on Man).

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Victor finally realizes that he has the ability to create life with the following quote from �Frankenstein�, �After days and nights of incredible labour and fatigue, I succeeded in discovering the cause of generation and life; nay, more, I became myself capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter� (Shelley, 42).

Indeed, it is their exchange ofsituations and characteristics that confirms our impression thatthe being is Frankenstein's Doppelgänger.

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It is in these periods where Smith argues that Frankenstein is not a natural philosopher but a natural magician due to his affinity for the ancient natural sciences, the romantic genius he posses and by contrasting Frankenstein against traditional, enlightenment stereotypes of the natural philosophers...

Frankenstein'snarrative represents and endorses the message of  in a mundane setting, casting himself as Adam and hisfather as a kind of God figure.

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Unlike the reader, theyare unaware of the creature's existence as an external realitywithin the text, and hence Frankenstein's culpability asmurderer; yet, nevertheless, clinically their diagnosis ringstrue.Frankenstein's experiment hints, too, at an unacknowledged fearof sexual intercourse, in part a rite of passage intoadulthood.