…makes the story or image seem clearer and more real to us.

Any tips on helping a fellow writer get that their characters narrative is way to long (in most chapters the characters thoughts take up at least half.) She keeps expling it away that she has a reason for this in that she wants readers to understand how her characters feel. Personality, I feel it could be condensed and have the characters show more. Any thoughts on this?

...makes the story or image difficult to visualize.

…gives us information that we can easily grasp and perhaps empathize with.

The Classical Hollywood Cinema Twenty-Five Years Along

PANDECT (Grk. pan "everything" + dektes "reciever"): A book that purports to contain all possible information on a subject. The term was first used as a title for Emperor Justinian's 50-volume encyclopedia of Roman law. Cf. .

David Bordwell, Janet Staiger, and Kristin Thompson

Discover more about some of the world-famous poets from Northern Ireland. This rich BBC NI Schools site features a wide range of contemporary poetic voices that explore five themes to give students a clear idea of how and why poems are written. Check out the audio and video clips.

I found another helper in an effort to spot errors:

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Thanks, I was beginning to feel outnumbered! 🙂

I prefer to write in the third-person viewpoint for a novel. I do not like books written in the first person because I get bored reading them after the first paragraph. I like the third-person narrator as the voice for the story, a narrator who mostly just sees what’s going on but every so often can get behind the eyeballs of the protagonist. That’s what I read, and that’s what I write.

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What we propose is not another study of an outstanding individual,a trend, or a genre. The Classical Hollywood Cinema analyzes the broadand basic conditions of American cinema as a historical institution. This projectexplores the common idea that Hollywood filmmakingconstitutes both an art and an industry. We examine the artistic uniqueness andthe mass-production aspects of the American studio cinema.

PANTOUM: A variant spelling of pantun (see below).

PANEGYRIC: A speech or poem designed to praise another person or group. In ancient Greek and Roman rhetoric, it was one branch of public speaking, with established rules and conventions found in the works of Menander and Hermogenes. Famous examples include Pliny's eulogy on Emperor Trajan and Isocrates' oration on the Olympic games of 380.

And we did it all on note cards and typewriters.

Learn more about passive voice with this simple guide, including tips on proper usage and reasons why instructors and other authorities often restrict it.