But remember; this is the exception. In general, use the active voicein your writing. Your writing will have more vigor and be easier to read than if your writingis full of passive constructions.

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There are times, however, where the passive voice is more appropriate thanthe active voice. For example, if you consciously want to hide the agent or if the agent is notreally relevant, use the passive voice. For example, the sentence, "The Baseball WritersAssociation voted Andre Dawson into the hall of fame" lacks the proper emphasis. The emphasisshould be Andre Dawson, not the organization that voted him into the hall, thus "Andre Dawsonwas voted into the hall of fame." This is one case where the passive voice is more appropriatethan the active voice.

In general, use the active voicein your writing

3. Sometimes in academic writing it might be expedient to use the passive voice in order to avoid naming the 'doer' of an action so that the message of your text is less inflammatory; for example, read the following excerpt:

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The American Heritage Dictionary as the form of a verb that shows “the relation between the subject and the action expressed by the verb.” In the active voice, the subject performs the action. In the passive voice, the subject is acted upon.

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Let’s switch to the passive voice (and to some less intimidating reading). Here, the subject is the recipient of the action: Dr. Seuss is adored. The agent may lurk elsewhere in the sentence, perhaps in a phrase that begins with by, as in Dr. Seuss is adored by most children. (The children are doing the adoring.) The agent might also be assumed, or remembered from a previous sentence: Lucy brought “Hop on Pop” home from the library. It was read more than a dozen times. (We remember that Lucy brought the book home, so we figure she is a voracious reader — although her siblings might have sneaked a peek at the pages.) Finally, the agent might be unknown: The library book was carried upstairs. (Lucy might have been the carrier, but it might have been Mom, Dad or Aunt Leticia.)

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Finally, the passive voice can make for catchy rhythms in ads, telegrams or other terse forms. “Made in the U.S.A.” puts the emphasis on the where, not the who. And it fits on the label of a T-shirt better than “Farmers in Texas grew the cotton for this shirt, and seamstresses in a Los Angeles factory stitched it together.”

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Notice that the writer chooses to hide Mr. Jenkins, the agent or "doer" of the action, ina prepositional phrase at the end of the sentence. These two sentences illustrate the passive voice. It is characterized by the use of the verb "to be" (is, was, were) asa helping verb to a main verb in the present (ing) or past (ed) participle.

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Passive voice is used when we want to talk about an action, but are not interested in saying who or what does or did it. Passive verb forms, for example, are common in academic and scientific writing.

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Most (though not all) verbs have a property known as “voice,” which can be either active or passive. The voice of a verb is different from both the common notion of voice (the timbre produced by a person’s vocal cords) and the literary notion (the ineffable way the writer’s words work on the page).