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Sensitive parenting requires that adults employ developmentally appropriate strategies with children of different ages. Parental strategies for managing sibling conflicts, particularly the promotion of constructive (e.g., negotiated and fair resolutions) versus destructive (e.g., use of power and aggression) strategies, is vitally important for learning how to get along with others. The service and policy implications indicate that some parents may need help with these issues and there is a need for the development of parent education and sibling intervention programs.33,97 Certainly we know from research that interventions to train parents to mediate sibling quarrels can be successful,74,75 but reducing conflict has not generally been associated with an increase in prosocial sibling interactions.97 Most programs have been aimed at assisting parents to develop better guidance strategies, but have not directly targeted siblings themselves. However, one promising social skills intervention program aimed at increasing prosocial interactions between young children was successful in improving sibling relationship quality and emotion regulation skills.97,98,99 Clearly, however, the development of intervention programs aimed at improving sibling relationships is an area for future work from both a services and policy perspective

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The sibling relationship is a natural laboratory for young children to learn about their world.3 It is a safe and secure place to learn how to interact with others who are interesting and engaging playmates, to learn how to manage disagreements, and to learn how to regulate both positive and negative emotions in socially acceptable ways.33 There are many opportunities for young children to develop an understanding of social relations with family members who may be close and loving at times and nasty and aggressive at other times. Further, there are many opportunities for siblings to use their cognitive skills to convince others of their point of view, teach or imitate the actions of their sibling. The positive benefits of establishing warm and positive sibling relationships may last a lifetime, whereas more difficult early relationships may be associated with poor developmental outcomes. The task for young siblings is to find the balance between the positive and negative aspects of their interactions as both children develop over time.

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The majority of children around the world have at least one sibling. The sibling relationship is likely to last longer than any other relationship in one’s lifetime and plays an integral part in the lives of families. Yet, in comparison to the wealth of studies on parent-child relationships, relatively little attention has been devoted to the role of siblings and their impact on one another’s development. In recent decades, research has focused on sibling relations in early childhood, and the shift from examining the role of structural variables (e.g., age, birth order) towards more process variables (e.g., understanding of their social worlds) has proved to be a fruitful direction. Siblings are viewed as an integral component of family systems1,2 and as an important context for learning and development3 but there are a number of methodological and conceptual challenges to studying siblings from this perspective.

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Describe the ways sibling relationships typically change in midlife. Instruction & Requirements: Essays are a classic format for compositions is the five-paragraph essay.

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