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Although Country music is loved today by many, it didn’t always enjoy such success and popularity.

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Originating in Bristol Tennessee, country music is a type of music that integrates the blues, jazz and originally some "hillbilly folk" with a bit of swing, and just recently some pop has been added to the sound.

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World War II was on and New Orleans had become the most important shipbuilding city in the world. One shipyard alone, that of Andrew Jackson Higgins, accounted for 63% of all boats in use by the US Navy in 1943. The company had grown from just 50 employees in 1937 to 1600 by 1941. These new employees came from Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and northern Louisiana and with them came a strong interest and opportunity for country music to the point that, as one disgruntled jazz fan wrote, that hillbilly singers and Irish tenors threatened to displace jazz entirely. By 1944 a country-music fueled campaign landed Jimmie Davis in the Governor's Mansion. People liked to tell how he brought his horse into the building, marking the first time there was a whole horse in the Governor's Mansion.

When country music bean in America, there were no professional musicians....

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As the 1940s dawned, ten-year-old Harold Cavallero was rolling a tire down the street with a stick when he was about to have his own encounter with the keening steel guitar. As he tells the story, a man drove up and asked if he wanted to play a guitar. Harold thought he was going to give him one on the spot but it turned out the man was rounding up customers for Roger Filiberto who was teaching lessons at Werlein's Music Store on Canal Street. Filiberto would go on to literally write the book on the electric lap steel guitar and the electric bass first for Gibson Guitars and then for Mel Bay instructional books and would teach countless players both directly and indirectly before his death at the age of 94 in 1998. In 1941 he was offering a year's worth of lessons to youths like Cavallero, and at the end of the year they got to keep the guitar. Cavallero proved an apt student and by the time he was thirteen he was a working professional playing at Betty's Tavern on Decatur Street. By the following year he was playing on radio station WJBW with fiddler and bandleader Danny Powell, who had some four or five country bands working around the city of New Orleans.

Abstract: This essay explores the way white trash identity is performed through country music.

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"Country music" as a label is often applied retroactively to the mixture of early stringbands, vocal music, and related forms that existed primarily in the South in the days prior to commercial recording. Few descriptions of these forms have been uncovered from early New Orleans. The few exceptions include the recollections of Jelly Roll Morton as recorded by Alan Lomax in 1939. Morton described the Black and Creole serenading stringbands active in the City prior to 1900 and the vocal quartets that sang spiritual numbers primarily for funerals and wakes. He also singles out the work of one Kid Ross, an outstanding white player of hot piano in the Storyville district around 1910. Unfortunately, no recordings of New Orleans music exist prior to 1917 when the white players who made up the so-called Original Dixieland Jazz Band recorded "Livery Stable Blues" for Victor.

Jazz, rock music and country and western are just some of the styles that owe a lot of their progression from the original blues.

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When a fan feels depressed, country music is there to support and leave its listener feeling uplifted.

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For him, then, who has well acquainted himself with Nature's works, she wears always one face, and speaks the same well-known language, striking on the heart, amidst unquiet thoughts and the tumult of the world, like the music of one's native tongue heard in some far-off country.We do not connect the same feelings with the works of art as with those of Nature, because we refer them to man, and associate with them the separate interests and passions which we know belong to those who are the authors or possessors of them.