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Jazz music quickly became the rage, especially among the young people. The Black Bottom, Charleston and Foxtrot followed hot on its heels. It was as if the younger generation had been desperately seeking an outlet to release the tension, anger and discontent that had been building up and found it in Jazz and wild, uninhibited dances. It’s not surprising that many of their Victorian parents were scandalized and strongly objected to Jazz and the dances. They condemned the unfamiliar saxophone (the sultry sax sounded too much like sex) that promoted close, intimate dancing as well as wild, hysterical gyrations that looked like the dancers were possessed.

The Roaring '20s was the time of the Jazz Age

The roaring 20's always conjure up images of gangsters and bootleg whiskey, ..

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The Jazz Age was the greatest era in American history because of the characteristics and the economic prosperity that defined the 1920s as well as the styles and behaviors of the people who lived during this time, as seen through the characters in F....

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Until I met Muriel, my impressions of the Jazz Age centered on music, the Charleston, flappers, bobbed hair, bathtub gin, and flaming youth gone wild. While all of these elements were present during the 1920’s, there was also a sense of frustration, anger and cynicism sweeping the country because of the Victorian, heavy handed political and cultural structure which many felt were stifling and oppressive.

Popular music in the Gilded Age and jazz music in the Roaring Twenties are examples of music which correspond to the society’s movement....
The Influence of the 1920's on Fashion today Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report The Roaring 20 s was a decade in which change dominated ..

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Michelle Heredia The 1920’s was the first decade to have a nickname such as “Roaring 20’s” or “Jazz Age.” For many Americans, the 1920’s was a decade of

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(Fitzgerald 170)
" 'Tom' I inquired, ' What did you say to Wilson that afternoon'
'I told him the truth...'" (Fitzgerald 155)
"This is a valley of ashes - a fantastic
farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens; where ashes take the forms of houses and chimneys and rising smoke and, finally, with a transcendent effort, of ash-grey men, who move dimly and already crumbling through the powdery air." (page 26)
The valley of ashes, where the poor live, are looked down upon the rest of society.
In the great Gatsby, the Roaring 20s is represented through the attitudes of the wealthy, mainly between Old Money, New Money and the poor.

"'...It takes two to make an accident.'"
(Fitzgerald 59)

"At her first big gold tournament there was a row that nearly reached the newspapers -a suggestion that she moved her ball from a bad lie in a semi-final round." (Fitzgerald 58)
“He wouldn’t consider it.

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The Jazz Age bubble burst and plummeted to earth with a resounding crash when Wall Street collapsed in 1929. Scott Fitzgerald recalled events in his famous 1931 essay, “Echoes of the Jazz Age.” He said the era was an age of miracles, art, excess and satire. The Jazz age had had a wild youth and a heady middle age, but it was only borrowed time. Eventually, “Somebody blundered, and the most expensive orgy in history was over.”