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As mentioned above, the Soviet system of special education wasbased on a clearly formulated and explicit theoretical frameworkwhich is substantially derived from the work of Vygotsky. Vygotsky'stheories provide the starting point for an approach in which instructionalmethods and textbooks are developed in accordance with his ideasboth on the role of instruction and on the relationship betweenlearning and development. Vygotsky's position was that instructionactuallycreated the possibilities for development rather than being seenas subordinate and incidental to developmental processes. Theorganisation and content of teaching implied by this suggestionis directed towards the formation of developmental possibilitiesrather than trailing behind developmental inevitabilities.

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Within the Russian Institute of Defectology there are 20 laboratories,each one focusing on a different type of disability, such as visualimpairment, partial hearing, motor impairment, mental handicapand developmental backwardness. The Institute and its laboratorieshave two main functions: firstly to carry out research and relatedclinical work and secondly to pioneer special teaching methodsand textbooks for particular disabilities. The Institute provideseducational materials, textbooks and in-service education forspecial schools and teachers across the whole of Russia. It shouldbe noted that the functions which the Institute now performs forRussia were until August 1991 provided for the whole of the SovietUnion. The implications of this very high level of centralisationin the context of the geography of the former Soviet Union andindeed even for the Russian Republic are considerable. For examplechildren may still have to travel through seven time zones forspecialised assessment at the Institute. This was the structureof a state controlled system of special scrutiny and intervention.

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A student’s need for a behavioral intervention plan must be documented in the IEP. When a behavioral intervention plan is recommended, the Committee must ensure that a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) has or will be conducted prior to the development of the behavioral intervention plan. A student’s IEP must specify when a behavioral intervention plan will include the use of a time out room for a student, including the maximum amount of time a student will need to be in a time out room as a behavioral consequence as determined on an individual basis in consideration of the student’s age and individual needs. In addition, if applicable, other information relating to a student’s behavioral intervention plan as required by section 200.22(e)(9) of the Regulations must be specified.

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In this article we propose to describe the way special educatorsin Russia use Vygotsky's theory to develop methods and materialsfor children with special educational needs (SEN) and to discusssome of the differences between the way Vygotskian psychologyhas been developed in what was the Soviet Union and is now Russiaand the way it is applied in England and Wales. We should likefurther to illustrate how Vygotsky's theories are applied in thespecial reading programme used throughout what was the SovietUnion for pupils with developmental delay. We saw the programmein action during a visit to the Academy of Pedagogical SciencesInstitute of Defectology in Moscow during 1991 and on a subsequentvisit in the spring of 1992. This Institute, now renamed the RussianInstitute of Defectology within the Russian Academy of Education,was founded by Vygotsky in 1934 and provides a scientific, researchand clinical advisory centre for the whole of Russia. Our argumentwill be that the same dilemmas face teachers and special educatorsin Russia as those that face us in the United Kingdom. A centraldilemma is that of the tension between instruction and acquisition,specifically between a centrally controlled curriculum, the contentsof which are transmitted to children by teachers and the morefamiliar liberal tradition in the United Kingdom. Our argumentis that both positions have much to gain from each other.

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The IEP must include a statement (under the applicable sections of the IEP) if the student needs a particular device or service (including an intervention, accommodation or other program modification) to address one or more of the following needs in order for the student to receive a free appropriate public education.