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33).The need to win approval from judgmental parents can at timescompel the child toward excellence; but it can also be pervertedinto disastrous extremes, in which the child transforms hisPromethean aspirations for success into those of overreachingand surpassing his parents at the cost of everything else.

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Such criticalshortsightedness has inevitably resulted in textual analysesthat fail to account for the complexity of this novel.Readers have quite correctly assumed the statement in Shelley'spreface, "my chief concern has been to exhibit the amiablenessof domestic affection and the excellence of universal virtues"to be a cover-up; but in ascribing to Mary Shelley a need todeny the ugliness of a nightmarish vision they have missed herreal subterfuge. She will indeed concern herselfwith "domestic affection" -- but more precisely, the lack of it,and how such a lack "universal virtue." In Shelley'sattention to parent-child relationships, she implies afar-ranging application to society at large if we fail at thismost primal unit of communication, what hope is there forcompassionate interaction within the larger community?

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Little has been done to see how fathers’ cognitions and attitudes affect child development. There has been some investigation of how mothers and fathers differ in their parental cognitions and parenting style: Mothers report higher endorsement of progressive parenting attitudes, encouraging their children to think and verbalize their own ideas and opinions, whereas fathers endorse a more authoritarian approach.15 What is unknown is the extent to which these differences in attitudes affect child outcomes. Another gap has to do with the direction of effect between parent and child, that is, how children affect their parents’ cognitions and attitudes.

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A large body of research on attitudes indicates that parental warmth together with reasonable levels of control combine to produce positive child outcomes. Although not strong, as noted above, the results are consistent. Researchers have noted that what is seen to be a reasonable level of control varies as a function of sociocultural context.3 Attitudes toward control are generally more positive in non Anglo-European cultures, with these attitudes having less detrimental effects on children’s development because they are more normative and less likely to be interpreted as rejecting or unloving.3,4 In accord with the realization that children’s behaviour affects that of their parents, researchers have found that, whereas parent attitudes affect child behaviour, this relation shifts as the child grows, with adolescent behaviour having an impact on parenting style and attitudes.5

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If he, in theend, falls short of the godlike aspirations that, he emphasizes,"lift his soul to heaven," he will also turn back, howeverreluctantly, toward a finally integrated relationship betweenparent and child.

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Grusec JE, Danyliuk T. Parents’ Attitudes and Beliefs: Their Impact on Children’s Development. In: Tremblay RE, Boivin M, Peters RDeV, eds. Tremblay RE, topic ed. [online]. . Updated December 2014. Accessed February 28, 2018.

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Most intervention programs for parents involve teaching effective strategies for managing children’s behaviour. But problems can also arise when parents engage in maladaptive thinking. Mothers at a higher risk of child abuse, for example, are more likely to attribute negative traits to children who demonstrate ambiguous behaviour, and see this behaviour as intentional.16 Bugental and her colleagues have administered a cognitive retraining intervention program for parents which aims to alter such biases. They found that mothers who participated in the program showed improvement in parenting cognitions, diminished levels of harsh parenting, and greater emotional availability. In turn, children, two years after their mothers participated in the program, displayed lower levels of aggressive behaviour as well as better cognitive skills than those whose mothers had not undergone such cognitive retraining.17,18,19 These findings, then, clearly underline the important role played by parental beliefs in the child-rearing process.