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But without the contributions of women like Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, who developed the first compiler, and Lady Augusta Ada Byron Lovelace, who made the idea of an Analytical Engine accessible to a world without computers, our most advanced computing device for general use would very likely still be a simple calculator....

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Davison  Essays in Ottoman and Turkish History, 1774-1923: The Impact of the WestRoderic H.

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Developments in distributed computing having harnessed the combined power of networked microcomputers is only one of the challenges to both the mini-computer and the mainframe.

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That the domain of even the supercomputer is no longer sacrosanct is highlighted by a recent product announcement from Mips on their R8000 microprocessor based chip set.

Acorn has one of the longest histories of any company in RISC microprocessor design and utilization.

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Meanwhile, the foundation has been slowly cracking under the weight of more and heavier hardware and software." 3.A useful way of explaining how the PC has arrived at such a watershed is to trace the history of the personal computer which begins some time before the introduction of the IBM PC.

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In the United Kingdom there is an indigenous multimedia capable microcomputer the Acorn A series and its successor the RiscPC, all built around versions of the ARM RISC microprocessor.

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Book inscription:

Rags make paper,
Paper makes money,
Money makes banks,
Banks make loans,
Loans make beggars,
Beggars make rags.

Unknown Author, circa eighteenth centuryForward:
Dard Hunter has traveled the world for four decades documenting the history of papermaking, often publishing his findings in rare fine press editions.

It is, therefore, necessary that an individual establishes a sufficient level of security on his or her personal computer.

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Speaking is defined as 'oral history.'Drawing is defined as 'an innovation of creating characters that define sounds, using charcoal, engravings, brush or simple impressions on wood, metal, sand, stone, leather and eventually paper.' Drawings were used to keep accounts, tell stories and render law. Paper is defined as 'a substance made in the form of thin sheets or leaves from rags, straw, bark, wood, or other fibrous material, for various uses.' Paper must be macerated, until the fibers are separated, intermixed in water and formed into thin sheets on a porous surface and left to dry.Ts'ai Lun is accredited with inventing paper in 105 AD.

The modern computer, therefore, evolved from an amalgamation of the genius of many individuals over a long period of history.

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Chapter IV - The Hand Mould: The Papermakers' Most Essential Tool, Upon Which Rest the Two Thousand Years of Papermaking History.Dard theorizes that the first mould used to form sheets of paper was a woven mould.

Bolter examines from a historical perspective how the computer will reshape our understanding of the human mind and our relationship with nature.

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This is the traditional method from 700 to 2000.Peeling paper: Removing single sheets of paper after pressing or drying. Chapter notes from Dard Hunter's Paper History bookHunter, Dard, Papermaking: The History & Technique of an Anciant Craft, Dover Publications, NY, 1947.