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Third, there are tools that I have found valuable in my work with some of the most successful organisations in the world."

The tools include: SWOT analysis, Porter's 5 forces of competition, McKinsey's 7-S framework, BCG’s product portfolio matrix, Kim and Mauborgne's blue ocean, Kaplan and Norton's balanced scorecard, Mintzberg’s deliberate and emergent, Prahalad's bottom of the pyramid and twenty-one more.

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A brief history on who Henry Mintzberg was and his ideas of management.

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Mintzberg’s theory talks about the roles of managers and a model of managing which categorized the ways in which managing takes place (Mintzberg 2009) Boyatzis theory talks about three main competencies which are emotional cognitive, emotional intelligence and social intelligence (Boyatzis 2009) and lastly ‘a holistic model of professional competency’ by (Cheetha...

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According to Mintzberg, successful management was determinant on the successful implementation of three roles. These included the interpersonal where the manager was seen to promote the ideas of being an approachable leader as well as a bridge between the employees and the top levels of the organization (Drucker, 2003, p.25). Further, an effective manager played the role of being a clear spokesperson for the different levels of the organization as well as ensuring the clear dissemination of the organization’s objectives. This was done in a manner that ensured they well understand their role in the achievement of the set objectives. Finally, according to Fayol an effective manager was also a clear and direct decision maker which included playing the role of being a negotiator especially bearing in mind that conflicts within an organization are commonplace. Therefore, an effective manager needs to be able to learn how to deal with the affected parties and end the conflict in an amicable manner that would not affect the working environment of the organization (Simmons, 2011, p.49).

According to Henry Mintzberg in his 1994 book "The Rise and fall of Strategic planning" focused on strategy being used by people in different ways.

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However, theorists such as Mintzberg strongly criticized Fayol’s thoughts who argued that the functional definition of management as put forward by Fayol was false. They actually considered Fayol’s ideas of the processes of management as inaccurate if implemented in today’s managerial set up which was often chaotic and uncertain (Wren, 2007, p. 470).

While others such as Henry Mintzberg have said ‘Fayol’s fifty year description of managerial work is no longer of use to us’(Stephen J

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One of the most important components of an organization is the aspect of management without which it would indeed be very hard to assure the continued success of the said organization. Perhaps over the years, a large number of scholars and researchers have attempted to offer up views on the most effective way that organizations can implement management structures that will ensure that all sectors of the organization are well catered for (Carroll & Gillen, 2008, p. 381). This paper therefore examines the management frameworks set in place by Henri Fayol and Henri Mintzberg and provides a comparison of the two frameworks put forth by both.