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Although the Monster goes on to commit some terrible crimes, Shelley often gives some justification for them - justification that leads to a feeling of sympathy. () Elizabeth is only murdered in revenge for Victor destroying the Monster's hope of future happiness, in the form of the second creature. The Monster knew it could never be loved by a human, only by one of its own kind, so it takes away Victor's hopes of future happiness in return.

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Gardner creates an ambiguous character that possess aspects of both a monster and a hero – it is a force of evil, yet admired; it causes pain yet urges sympathy; and it is of irregular ugliness yet beloved....

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We first see the Monster through the eyes of Robert Walton, who describes it as being "of gigantic stature". () This could arouse alarm rather than sympathy, and this alarm is reinforced when it is described in detail in chapter 5. Here, we find Victor call his creation a "catastrophe", "wretch" and "miserable monster" (). The Monster is hideous to look at and Victor feels he must run away to escape its clutches. All of this seems to indicate that it is, in fact, a true monster, something to be feared and capable of great harm. But Shelley is only allowing us to see it from Victor's biased point of view. When we hear the Monster's story, a very different impression is created. ()

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In addition, it also makes the reader feel a sense of sympathy for Frankenstein's creation.

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It commits many acts of kindness, especially for the De Laceys, whom it loves. When Felix later beats it, thinking his father's life is in danger, the Monster is moved to tears of anguish and rage. After being forced out of its hovel through no fault of its own, it then rescues a peasant girl from drowning. Its reward for this utterly selfless and kind act is being shot. () Shelley tells us that only after this do the Monster's "feelings of kindness… give place to hellish rage and gnashing of teeth". Most readers would have sympathy with this, given what the Monster has suffered. ()