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While Zinc fingers specific to DNA trinucleotides, coupled to different effector domains have been employed for targeted manipulation of the genome with considerable success, we are limited by the off-target toxicity caused by trinucleotide specific zinc fingers....

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The collection process proceeds after the identification of the material evidence with DNA....

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The United States corrections centers have utilized the DNA testing process.

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The technique is very successful as it is based on the fact that every person possesses their own individual set of DNA, which is unique to them with the exception of identical twins.

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The final step for the DNA extraction was elution where the pure DNA was release.

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Proceeding the extraction of DNA the results of the 16s gene amplification were examined through gel electrophoresis it was analyzed by estimating the size of the PCR bands with marker bands.

After measuring the success of the extraction, a technique called TA cloning was started.

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While Deoxyribonucleic Acid, or DNA, has been successfully mapped out, many of its interactions with certain proteins and enzymes have not been fully revealed within the atomic level.

DNA in/on a crime scene can be found through the process of DNA Fingerprinting.

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