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Nietzsche's fundamental experience is his growing insight into the basic development of our history. In his view it is nihilism. Nietzsche expresses incessantly and passionately the fundamental experience of his existence as a thinker. To the blind, to those who cannot see and above all do not want to see, his words easily sound overwrought, as though he were raving. And yet when we plumb the depths of his insight and consider how very closely the basic historical development of nihilism crowds and oppresses, then we may be inclined to call his manner of speech almost placid. One of the essential formulations that designate the event of nihilism says, "God is dead." The phrase "God is dead" is not an atheistic proclamation: it is a formula for the fundamental experience of an event in Occidental history.

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Friedrich nietzsche god is dead essays

When Nietzsche said "God is dead, God remains dead

For Kierkegaard existence emerges as a philosophical problem in thestruggle to think the paradoxical presence of God; for Nietzsche it isfound in the reverberations of the phrase “God is dead,” in thechallenge of nihilism.

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As an , even Nietzsche's metaphysics is theology, although it seems far removed from scholastic metaphysics. The ontology of beings as such thinks as will to power. Such ontology thinks the of beings as such and as a whole theologically as the eternal recurrence of the same. Such metaphysical theology is of course a negative theology of a peculiar type. Its negativity is revealed in the expression "God is dead." That is an expression not of atheism but of ontotheology, in that metaphysics in which nihilism proper if fulfilled.

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Yet it would be wrong to think that Nietzsche was pleased with all this and rejoiced in the fact that God was dead

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