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To be fair, the College Boardinsists that the essay assessment won't be formula driven, and one essay-testdeveloper claims that, despite the explicit instruction to write a persuasiveessay, students could earn high scores with a story or a poem. Maybe so. Afterall, a student who skips the essay entirely but fills in enough correct bubbleswith a No. 2 pencil to get a perfect score on the grammar and usage questionscan still come away with a respectable 650 points out of a possible 800 on the"writing" section.

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The College Board benefits fromchanging its test to keep up with changing educational times, while plugging into the national testing frenzy to protect its market share. In addition, theKaplans and the Princeton Reviews and the rest of the test-prep industry scaretest takers into cram courses on essay writing, raising the companies' bottomline while they help students raise their scores. And critics who argue thatthe SAT assesses neither knowledge nor potential, that it reinforces socialstratification instead of creating avenues for mobility, benefit from catchingthe brief media flurry surrounding the rollout of a new test, even though thosecritics must also acknowledge that testing has such a stranglehold on theAmerican consciousness that no one really cares whether their objections arevalid.

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That leads me to think that theCollege Board won't be exploiting essay graders for long. It already marketsWritePlacer Plus, a service that offers colleges machine grading ofstudent-placement essays, and its online SAT-prep course uses the same softwareto give students instant feedback on sample SAT essays they must write andsubmit. In addition Pearson, which holds the contract for scoring the SAT, isactively pushing another machine-grading package, the Intelligent EssayAssessor, which promises to eliminate human subjectivity from the processaltogether. Once that happens, writers will be compelled to become even moreformulaic in their quest to craft an essay that matches the computer'shighest-score algorithm.

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