But does society truly know the darkness inside of schools.

If public high schools monitored off campus cyber bullying it would make students, feel safer because they would know that someone is watching out for them and they do not have to deal with the problem by themselves.

Why is the school environment so vulnerable to bullying?

These students are usually titled as bully’s or having aggressive behavior.

Now bullying has moved from the schoolyard to cyber space.

Cicala Robinson Secondary School Since Teen suicide is the second leading cause of teenage death in the United States, there is a need for legislation that promotes awareness and education about Cyber-Bullying.

However, bullying mostly happens in schools.

The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.” This means, that in order for these actions and behaviors to qualify as bullying, they must show aggressive qualities and show some kind of power imbalance, as well as repetition.

For victims of bullying, they go to school every day facing harassment, taunting, and humiliation.

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The studies conducted focus on identifying bullying behavior, characteristic traits of bullies and their victims, environmental stresses that create a bullying atmosphere, and the lost productivity as an effect of bullying on the employee’s psychological wellbeing.

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Cyber-bullying emerged from the anonymity technology provides bullies, the victims’ would receive repeated taunts, flames, in the form of emails, text messages, messages lefts on the victims’ social networking sites up to exclusion from those media sites.

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It is called cyber bullying; “When someone repeatedly makes fun of another person online or repeatedly picks on another person through email, text messaging or when someone posts something online about another person that they don’t like” (Patchin).

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Due to technological advances, modern youth have access to social media where they are exposed to another form of bullying that threatens their safety....

Bullying is a form of violent behavior that happens not only in the schools but everywhere....

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In the textbook, Sociology Now: The Essentials by Michael Kimmel and Amy Aronson, a study disclosed that 77 percent, in Midwestern towns, reported being a victim of bullying during their school years (p.

However as we progress through time we humans are finding new ways to bully others....

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They have asked to suggest, based on sound social psychological principles and research, what initiatives could be implemented to tackle bullying occurring in schools based on ethnic orientation.

Bullying is an act of aggression causing embarrassment, pain, or discomfort to another person.

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Goebert, D., Else, I., Matsu, C., Chung-Do, J., and Chang, J.Y., (2011) looked into the effects of cyber bullying on the mental health of ethnic high school students....