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In opposition, advertisers state that the public is intelligent enough to, and quite capable of, making up its own mind and will definitely not buy anything they do not want or need. People are not inclined to be swayed by false claims that they need a particular product, and will usually be very discriminating in what they take as being true. Just because advertising sometimes can help generate consumer interest in specific brand names does not also mean that every advertised effort will get people to make significant changes in their behavior. There are numerous differences between selling brand name products or services and convincing people to change the way they live their lives (Wolburg)."Ethics is about winning in the long term. Good business and good ethics are not a contradiction in terms" (Wyburd). Society may argue that advertisers will use any means necessary to sell their product or service, but in turn, without advertisements many goods and services that society takes for granted on a daily basis would be costing us instead of being provided free of charge.

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The power to prevail." (Clark) Advertising is used to promote goods, services, images, and anything else that advertisers want to publicize. It is becoming a major part of mass media. At times, we may view it positively; at other times we may just skip or ignore it. In order to attract audience, advertisers use various techniques on their advertisement to make people aware of the firm's products, services or brands. Although the methods used by advertisers are infinite, they have a common goal: to persuade those who may become their customers to buy their products. An excellent advertisement will create a deep impression on its potential customers

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The objection of distinguishing between good and less than good parents is wrong because Lafollette states in his paper that his proposal “…does not demand that we license only the best parents; rather it is designed to exclude only the very bad ones” (Lafollette 1980, 190)....

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