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In order to support teachers and the students, the writers of this unit have produced Twitter micropoems to represent the first three chapters of Playing Beatie Bow. This model may also help teachers decide how best to organise individuals or groups:

About the novel Playing Beatie Bow:

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In order to accommodate all students, there will be a focus on close language study and the evolution of English to reflect a changing world, and particularly in relation to new technologies. Teachers should ensure that students complete the pre-reading activities before engaging with Playing Beatie Bow.

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In this spirit of openness, the unit makes no assumption or requirement for all students to read the entire book (or pretend to) though teachers may well encourage or even plead with students to do so! The value of this novel study lies in the opportunities presented by Playing Beatie Bow to open up learning and discussion in relation to three key points, which can be developed across this unit and within the assessment task:

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Playing Beatie Bow is a third-person narrative, structured around the time travel of an adolescent girl from 1970s Sydney to 1873 Sydney Town and back again without any apparent passage of time in her ‘real’ world. At the time of its release in 1980, the novel’s protagonist was a contemporary teenager living in the world of that time – its social mores, technologies and the urban and historical (re)development of The Rocks area of Sydney.

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Using Google Maps show students the area in Sydney, New South Wales, where the story, Playing Beatie Bow is set and the clip is filmed: in and around area.


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Teachers are encouraged to support as many students as possible to read and enjoy Playing Beatie Bow in its entirety. However, the reality is that some students may find this a challenge, while others may not feel sufficiently engaged. This is always a matter of judgement for teachers, especially in the middle years of schooling when there is one compulsory text shared amongst a diversity of students. In this unit, it is acknowledged that students may choose to not read the set novel and may resort to online plot summaries or the goodwill of fellow students.

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Those who have not read the novel in its entirety should be advised to select task A where they will draw upon their learning in relation to time travel and language. That task does not assume a close knowledge of each chapter of Playing Beatie Bow. Task B, on the other hand does presuppose knowledge of the full narrative structure and ideas of the novel.

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Given that Playing Beatie Bow was published in 1980, young people today will regard Abigail’s 1970s setting, devoid of internet and smart phones, as more historical than contemporary. For this reason, some points relating to the context of the 1873 Sydney Town and Ruth Park’s Sydney of the 1970s are worthy of brief mention here. Teachers and students may wish to research and learn more about either or both of these historical periods. Further resources of the historical detail and information about and can be investigated.