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Cruelty and abuse come in forms of pet neglecting, torture, animal testing, dog fighting, mental abuse, physical abuse, farm factoring, ect… Many people believe that animals do not feel pain, and do not deserve the same rights as human beings, but is that right....

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My dog of almost seven years had to be put down, and he was the first pet I had ever lost.

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Abel just turned 15, November 2001, so we would like to wish him a very Happy Birthday! We think Able did a great job on this essay. While we love to receive essays from those of all ages, it is especially nice to receive well thought out essays from our younger visitors. Abel has one cat named, Shadow, three goldfish, and a Black Lab named Cedy.
I would like to thank Abel for bringing our attention to the undeniable problem of heartworms
Heartworms should be on all of our minds, espessialy those that live in the southern United States, or in hot - moist climates, where mosqitos are most prevelant. In order to give your pets a longer & healthier life, make sure your dogs, and cats are on one of the many heartworm preventatives available today.

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Each month our job of picking a winning essay becomes progressively more difficult. While choosing a winning essay can be rather frustrating at times, we thoroughly enjoy the chance to catch a glimpse of the joy & comic relief your pets bring into your lives. We, at Nature's Page Animal Treats, would like to thank you for allowing us this privilege.

Although dogs are currently viewed primarily as pets, they have not always been viewed this way and have had an evolution of their own.
In my opinion, people who have pets are the most suitable people to give you advice about dog or any other pet.

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A pet rock can replace many of the duties, such as a companionship, I can get from a pet dog or cat.

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