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What has this got to do with The Seven Stages of Grieving? Simply this: contemporary Australia has offered its first people so little, so late. Not only from spite or meanness, but also from simply having little to offer. From being too ashamed to truly know what has happened over two centuries, or too frozen by convict brutality to share our sorrow. In their play, Enoch and Mailman took the scorched Australian earth and from the ashes of a terrible history they made what meaning was possible. There is a way forward, they said to Australians, but the grieving must come first. The ice around our hearts has to melt before we can begin to live. Or as Faulkner had it: ‘Between grief and nothing I will take grief.’

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There were different manifestations of grief (Strobe, Schut, & Strobe, 2007).

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What did you observe that did or did not demonstrate the typical stages and types of grief (anticipatory grief, normal grief, complicated grief and disenfranchised grief)?

One of those approaches is Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’s theory, The Five Stages of Grief.

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In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet exhibits all five stages of grief, we can assume in relation to the recent death of his father, but not necessarily in this order, and in fact the five seem to overlap in many parts of the play....

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Little attention has been paid to Emma Jung’s role in the history of analytical psychology and in the life of C. G. Jung. This extended biographical essay by Imelda Gaudissart, originally published in French, provides a carefully detailed view of this remarkable woman. Gaudissart’s sensitive depiction of Emma Jung reveals a very real woman confronted with an unexpected life and challenged to develop in ways that, for a wife and mother of that period, were almost unimaginable. She worked closely with her husband, C. G. Jung, and Sigmund Freud, becoming herself an analyst, and she was instrumental in establishing the earliest institutions for analytical psychology. The issues Emma Jung faced on her path to individuation will resonate with those of many women today.

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Indeed, grief, despair, and lamentation are not manifestations of anything so tepid as "dissatisfaction." Furthermore, the sort of modernist, feel-good, psychologized version of Buddhism that something like "YogaGlo" promotes is not going to involve the practices posited by the Buddha, namely asceticism and monasticism.

Doctor Elisabeth Kübler-Ross introduced the idea of the stages of grief in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying.

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Swiss psychiatrist, Elisabeth Kubler Ross, introduced the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, in the year of 1969.

(Hamlet pg.18 paragraph 3) I strongly agree with this statement because Hamlet is continually showing huge amounts of grief throughout the play....

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A canonical statement is at Majjhima-Nikâya, Sutta 63, where the Buddha says "there still remain birth, old age, death, sorrow, lamentation, misery, grief, and despair, for the extinction of which in the present life I am prescribing" [Henry Clarke Warren, , Cosimo, 2005, p.121, Atheneum, 1896].

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Gemma uses her confessional, combined with empirical evidence that contradicts the Five Stages of Grief, to demonstrate that feelings of grief are unique to the individual; therefore, there is no right way...