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Viewed within the framework of present day social constructionist theory or simply post- theory, the current essay Close but not Deep: Literary Ethics and the Descriptive Turn show how both Critical Hermeneutics and Descriptive Sociology disavow Traditional Humanist categories....

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The sociology of health and illness studies the interaction between society and health

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The sociology of health and illness studies the interaction between society and health. In particular, sociologists examine how social life impacts morbidity and mortality rates and how morbidity and mortality rates impact society. This discipline also looks at health and illness in relation to social institutions such as the family, work, school, and religion as well as the causes of disease and illness, reasons for seeking particular types of care, and patient compliance and noncompliance.

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Health, or lack of health, was once merely attributed to biological or natural conditions. Sociologists have demonstrated that the spread of diseases is heavily influenced by the of individuals, ethnic traditions or beliefs, and other cultural factors. Where medical research might gather statistics on a disease, a of an illness would provide insight on what external factors caused the demographics who contracted the disease to become ill.

Conrad, P. (2008). The Sociology of Health and Illness: Critical Perspectives. Macmillan Publishers.
The aim of this essay is to examine the influence that socio-economic status has on an individual s health. Health is a state of complete physical, mental

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Using eight (8) key concepts covered in our readings and discussion, explain how sociologists view the relationship between the key social variables of race, gender, class and health. (For example, explain how the intersection of race, class, and gender can help us predict health related outcomes.)

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