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As many leaders from residential campuses concede, the so-called "hidden curriculum" taught by campus culture works directly against the academy's espoused goal of preparing students for personal and social responsibility. Certainly there are many students on any campus who exhibit all the qualities of personal integrity and social responsibility one might wish--and many programs that support them. Nonetheless, the evidence is abundant that students typically spend only a small fraction of their campus time on actual study; cheating is common; the party culture is at cross-purposes with both ethical and academic values; the de facto disconnect between student learning and student life tacitly invites students to keep their studies scrupulously separate from the personal exploration that inevitably occurs in college; and because of this disconnect, students frequently are left to their own devices in addressing the spiritual, ethical, and interpersonal challenges they encounter in college.

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This increasing recognition of personal and social responsibility as a goal for college learning was captured in AAC&U's 2004 report Taking Responsibility for the Quality of the Baccalaureate Degree. This report provides a concise summary of the outcomes considered important for many of the professions (e.g., education, business, engineering, and health) as well as for the higher education community as a whole. Ethics, values, and personal and social responsibility emerge as prominent themes in the professions' goals for student learning in college. Moreover, the Greater Expectations report, which has been enthusiastically embraced by the academic community, calls upon higher education to educate "intentional learners" who have a clear understanding of the goals of their education and who include among those goals an explicit commitment to "individual and social responsibility."

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It is this last principle that embeds the other five. If we were simply to add a required course in ethics, or to designate a number of courses from which students might choose in order to fulfill the personal and social responsibility component of liberal education, we would almost certainly fail. Educating for personal and social responsibility will take nothing less than a pervasive cultural shift within the academy. Faculty are the key to real change, and we must help them integrate responsibility into all courses. This is entirely compatible with teaching in the social sciences, in the humanities, and in the sciences too. Moreover, student life outside the classroom is rich with opportunities for integration.

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May 18, 2011 Below are the four winning essays in the �Socially Responsible Business� category, which asked students to highlight a private sector company�.

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Over the course of the twentieth century, however, the academy became increasingly uncomfortable with the enactment of this role. Notwithstanding the evidence of a vestigial commitment found in mission statements, many educators are reluctant to address moral issues with students. Some fear imposing their own values on students; others believe that morality is an inherently personal issue, or that teaching and learning should be restricted to subject matter and analytical skills. Although research shows that dimensions of personal and social responsibility do continue to develop in college (see Lynn Swaner's article in this issue), the question of whether institutions of higher education should educate for such development is often raised. The view that educating for personal and social responsibility may be "none of our business" is not at all uncommon.

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The cultivation of virtues associated with what we label here as "personal and social responsibility" was a guiding principle for the original American liberal arts colleges. Following the framing of the U.S. Constitution, the colleges immediately owned a role in fostering the virtues required to sustain a self-governing republic. Drawing on this tradition, American colleges and universities continue to proclaim their role in fostering high ethical and moral standards. The mission of Duke University, for example, is "to provide a superior liberal education to undergraduate students, attending not only to their intellectual growth but also to their development as adults committed to high ethical standards and full participation as leaders in their communities." Similarly, the mission of Swarthmore College recognizes that "a liberal education is concerned with the development of moral, spiritual, and aesthetic values as well as analytical abilities." A recent study of 331 mission statements from top-ranked colleges and universities suggests that one-third of the campuses currently address values, character, ethical challenges, and/or social justice in their mission statements (Meacham and Gaff forthcoming).