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Unplanned exploitation of mineral resource like crude oil has led to gas flaring, which produces harmful environmental heat, which scorches surrounding soil and makes vegetation and farmland look parched. Natural gas consists of hydrocarbon (methane, ethane, propane, and butane) as well as additives like ethylene, butylene and impurities such as sand, debris, and mercury. Over exploitation and extraction has contributed to high pollution of the environment through activities, such as gas flaring, disposal of liquid waste (gas condensate), and accidental gas flaring from system leakage or explosion. Chemicals such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, water vapour and sort of carbon particles entrapped sand(silica), heavy metals and in combustibles present in the gases, become ionized at the high combustion, thus temperature when reacted with the atmospheric water resulted to acid rain which is dangerous to human health, vegetation and buildings.

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FEPA, charged with the overall responsibility of Environmental Management and Protection. However, FEPA and other relevant departments in other Federal Ministries merged to form Federal Ministry of Environment in 1999, but without appropriate enabling laws to enforce compliance over the degradation and over exploitation of environmental resources. In 2007, the FEPA Act, was repealed and was replaced with National Environmental Standard and Regulation Enforcement Agency (NESREA) Act of 2007. It was charge with the responsibility of enforcing environmental laws, regulations and standards in deterring people, industries, and organizations from pollution and degrading the Environment.

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The over exploitation of environmental resources and their degradation is a global and topical issue that has generated interest among Governmental Agencies and Non-Governmental Organization (NGOS). Concerning over exploitation of natural resources, global warming, pollution, deforestation, flooding, soil erosion, desertification, drought and stock piling of armament, these are wider environmental issues that has paramount implication on natural resources and human existence in the environment.

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Environmental sustainability requires constant and regular observation of on-going activities within the environment, and maintaining it through an enhanced environmental standard, using existing laws. The study observed that the development of agriculture and modern technology has led to an increasing human impact on environmental resources, without adequate correlation towards the after effect on future generation in Nigeria. Unplanned exploitation of environmental resources has caused a lot of havoc to man and his environment in one hand and cost government huge income on the other hand. It had been observe that weak legislations and lack of political will has among other things place Nigeria as the highest flare of gas. Air pollution, dumping of waste, pollution of water etc. are some of the result of an unplanned exploitation of environmental resources. Unplanned exploitation of resources is anti-society, hence the need to honour all international treaties on environment. The government and her agencies, should beyond the immediate gains, focus more on the interest of the nation and unborn generation based on sustainable development, which is planned exploitation of exploitable environmental resources. The nation, it was observed is seating on keg of gunpowder if resources exploitation is not checked and very fast. The indiscriminate dredging of sand in all nook and crannies of fragile south –south will cause a great catastrophe such as landslide or submergence of communities. The risk of cancer and heart diseases will continue to increase until appropriate legislation on resources exploitation is put in place.

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