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Discourse on war and peace has gone through a remarkable transition during the two decades after the end of the Cold War. We do not have to worry of major nuclear wars, and then, no longer can we anticipate stability based on nuclear deterrence. We have no immediate threat emanating from a belligerent adversary equipped with a major arsenal, but we observe a number of small to medium military powers that are more belligerent than the days of the Soviet Union. We have more democracies in the world, and yet are far from the democratic peace that has been imagined by the students of international relations.

War and Peace is in itself an invocation to the forces of life, ..

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Before the battle, the Mexican officer tried to convince General Price that a peace treaty had already been signed on February 2, but to no avail. Technically, the war remained in effect until both the Mexican and American congresses ratified the peace treaty.

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forces repeatedly invaded British Canada during the War of 1812, they occupied only one small section of Upper Canada at the end of the war – and had to give that up in the peace treaty. The invasion of Spanish Florida by General Andrew Jackson in the First Seminole War succeeded in pressuring Spain to transfer Florida to the United States, but Jackson’s forces did not remain to occupy the peninsula.

The world war has redeemed [humanity] from the fat and gross materialism of generations of peace, and caught mankind up in a blaze of the spirit.

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John Knowles in a Separate Peace uses an unusual plot to give the reader an illusionary sense of peace and security, found only at Devon, during a time of great war, through isolating specific idealistic moments from the sin and evil that encompasses them....

I regard all wars as great calamities, to be avoided, if possible, and honorable peace as the wisest and truest policy of this country.

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As JFK's relationship with his military-intelligence apparatus deteriorated, a remarkable relationship with Khrushchev began. Both were battle-hardened war veterans seeking a path to rapprochement and disarmament, encircled by militarists clamoring for war. In Kennedy's case, both the Pentagon and the CIA believed war with the Soviets was inevitable and therefore desirable in the short term while we still had the nuclear advantage. In the autumn of 1961, as retired Gen. Lucius Clay, who had taken a civilian post in Berlin, launched a series of unauthorized provocations against the Soviets, Khrushchev began an extraordinary secret correspondence with JFK. With the Berlin crisis moving toward nuclear Armageddon, Khrushchev turned to KGB agent Georgi Bolshakov, a top Soviet spy in Washington, to communicate directly with JFK. Bolshakov, to the horror of the U.S. State Department, was a friend of my parents and a frequent guest at our home. Bolshakov smuggled a letter, the first of 21 declassified in 1993, to JFK's press secretary, Pierre Salinger, in a folded newspaper. In it, Khrushchev expressed regret about Vienna and embraced JFK's proposal for a path to peace and disarmament.

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As the war expanded—over 400,000 U.S. troops would be in Vietnam by 1967—sodid the antiwar movement, attracting growing support off the campuses. The movement wasless a unified army than a rich mix of political notions and visions. The tactics usedwere diverse: legal demonstrations, grassroots organizing, congressional lobbying,electoral challenges, civil disobedience, draft resistance, self-immolations, politicalviolence. Some peace activists traveled to North Vietnam. Quakers and others providedmedical aid to Vietnamese civilian victims of the war. Some G.I.s protested the war.

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Only the cooperation of all nations, a cooperation of hands and spirits, can build up a durable peace. We are under no delusions regarding the strength of the hatred and bitterness which this war has engendered, and yet the forces which are at work for a union of mankind are stronger now than ever they were before.