As weird as it is, she's not only my sister, she's my best friend.

dear teacher
i wanna say that i couldn’t wash ur video without comment nd send u my thankx
this is my video i wash nd i just realise that ur the best.
ur english is very clear to understand nd repeet, actually i lost too much my vocabulary i learnt from a freind meeting by internet bcz am not keeping practice
talk any more so need with who speak nd my second problem is prononciation i use as french bcz its my second language
just to say is listening to u is very good nd with an interesting stories or subject will be excelent
we are connecting with the best
thank u

That person for me is my best friend Katrina.

Thank you all my teachers. Your repitation vedio best idea for me.I like your learning english.

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I appreciate you my brother AJ and you Kristin and you Joe.
I am in the 29a. lesson of Learm Real English. I’m improving very much.
You are in the right path. Yours tecniques are the best. I’m interested in yours new course.
Congratulations and thanks.

Essay on My Best Friend Rohit Agarwal ..

Congratulations for your powerful English, it is really a great way for learning English. I hope use it a lot, coz I need improve my English.
All the best!

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I am so happy to find this program. I am learning so much from you. Your techiques are the best. I will recomend you for all my friend who wants to improve the English fast. Thank you so much. I am enjoying the classes.

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thank you for this wonderful video..You guys are great’re not only helping me but a lot of other students eager to study and learn about advance english ;))I hope to continue receiving videos from you guys to help me imrpove my english.. i’ll do my best!

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well let me first say that i’ve just started using this technique 2 days ago, and it’s really helping me improving my spoken english. I’ve also shared this with my classmates and they like it very much.
So, on behalf of my friends i’d like to thank you for the video.

He could be considered my coach, my best friend and the one person I go to for everything

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hi my teacher….
thank you so much have sent me this secret to can speak English well and fluently. I will try to speaking English with repeating. again and again to listen the same conversation.
thank my best teacher.

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thank you for helping me to improve my english god bless you i ve finished my study in faculty of arts english department since 2008 but i cant speak english well so i cant apply for any job i am afraid of speaking english with you i hope to speak english as native speaker oneday i dream to travel abroad thanks my friendly teachers

To me, friends aren’t forever but they are quite long-term. My best friend and I have been friends

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Hi Aj…
thank u so much for helping us to improve ourselves
can u help me….
i have presentation next week in(language policy and planning)
this will be my first presentation in my master study and i confused, i want just 2-3 essays about it to choose the best for me then i will do summarization to present it.
so i just want good essays
thank u so much.