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A final limitation of our review is our singular focus on adult lifelong learning participation, a concept that is inherently multi-faceted and thus ambiguous. Accordingly, we broadened our search strategy so that we also searched for terms synonymous with lifelong learning, such as continuous learning, training, professional development, self-regulatory learning, and continuing education.

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Does College Matter? Examine the value and virtue of education in these essays.

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As a whole, the coding results about disciplinary provenance offer an eclectic blending of educational and business viewpoints, while connecting recent research to earlier lifelong learning rationales.

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What makes these results significant is the predominant focus on lifelong learning activities in relation to employment, whether they were written in an educational or business disciplinary context.

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In sum, the fundamental question regarding how lifelong learning is differentiated from formal education needs to be re-addressed. In confining lifelong learning research to traditional settings and singular modes like face-to-face workplace training or community-based programs, recent research runs the risk of being severely limited.

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Previous learning in formal education was found to be a predictor of participation in later in life learning by adults. Importantly, though, the researcher found no evidence to confirm that information and communication technologies were expanding access to lifelong learning.

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What the themes have in common, from our perspective, was the lens used for studying lifelong learning and participation. Adult education research has traditionally measured program enrollment numbers as an indicator of participation.