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The Homestead Strike was small civil war between laborers and the businessmen who managed them … The American industrial revolution and the boom and bust economy post civil war produced this violent protest and strike against a steel metal factory owned by the successful Andrew Carnegie.

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This quote, by a Montgomery County Historical Society representative, is referring to the Patterson Homestead located at 1815 Brown Street on the south edge of Dayton Ohio (Cline 14).

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Strikers’ allies in Ohio informed Homestead workers that Pinkerton Detectives, which had been used previously on the side of management in labor struggles, were on the way to Homestead to protect incoming scab labor brought in by the company to resume plant operations. On the night of July 5th, an informant in Pittsburgh telegraphed strikers at Homestead that a barge was on its way. Strikers quickly mobilized the town and 10,000 townspeople, many of them armed, were there to greet the Pinkertons. Strikers on shore warned “detectives” not to step off their barges, but a firefight began at 4 A.M. after the forces made landfall. It is unclear who fired first, but fighting continued until 5 P.M on July 6th when angry workers and allies declared victory and forced detectives to run through a bloody gauntlet on their way back to the ships. In all, nine workers and three detectives were killed and many more wounded as a result of the fighting.

Emma Goldman vowed to stop him and conspired with Alexander Berkman to murder Frick during the Homestead strike.
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By Hilary T, Micah C, and Rei A :) 3,000 workers, from union and nonunion voted for a strike.
750 of the 3,800 workers from Homestead were part of the union.

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Throughout the fall, workers maintained control of the town, though production was turned over entirely to scab labor, however poorly they worked. After holding the town for four months, on November 17th, unskilled, non-unionized (former) day laborers and mechanics at Homestead asked the Advisory Committee to be released from their strike pledge and voted to return to work. As a result of both this and the growing fatigue of the strikers maintaining the town, the union collapsed as membership in the AA plummeted and strikers returned to work.


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As a response, Henry Frick, manager/chief executive of the Homestead plant, wanted to cut worker's wages and break Amalgamated Association of Iron & Steel Workers, the strongest craft union in the country.