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In the contemporary public sphere, the most prominent interactionbetween science and religion concerns evolutionary theory andcreationism/Intelligent Design. The legal battles (e.g., theKitzmiller versus Dover trial in 2005) and lobbying surrounding theteaching of evolution and creationism in American schools suggest thatreligion and science conflict. However, even if one were to focus onthe reception of evolutionary theory, the relationship betweenreligion and science is complex. For instance, in the United Kingdom,scientists, clergy, and popular writers, sought to reconcile scienceand religion during the nineteenth and early twentieth century, whereas the United States saw the rise of a fundamentalistopposition to evolutionary thinking, exemplified by the Scopes trialin 1925 (Bowler 2001, 2009).

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He identified science’s areas of expertise as empiricalquestions about the constitution of the universe, and religion’sdomains of expertise as ethical values and spiritual meaning. NOMA isboth descriptive and normative: religious leaders should refrain frommaking factual claims about, for instance, evolutionary theory, justas scientists should not claim insight on moral matters. Gould heldthat there might be interactions at the borders of each magisterium,such as our responsibility toward other creatures. One obvious problemwith the independence model is that if religion were barred frommaking any statement of fact it would be difficult to justify theclaims of value and ethics, e.g., one could not argue that one shouldlove one’s neighbor because it pleases the creator (Worrall2004). Moreover, religions do seem to make empirical claims, forexample, that Jesus appeared after his death or that the early Hebrewspassed through the parted waters of the Red Sea.


The lack of conflict between science and religion arises from a lackof overlap between their respective domains of professional expertise.(2001: 739)

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Under a theist interpretation, randomness could either be a merelyapparent aspect of creation, or a genuine feature. Plantinga suggeststhat randomness is a physicalist interpretation of the evidence. Godmay have guided every mutation along the evolutionary process. In thisway, God could

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There has been a debate on the question to what extent randomness is agenuine feature of creation, and how divine action and chanceinterrelate. Chance and stochasticity are important features ofevolutionary theory (the non-random retention of random variations).In a famous thought experiment, Gould (1989) imagined that we couldrewind the tape of life back to the time of the Burgess Shale (508million years ago); the chance we would end up with anything like thepresent-day life forms is vanishingly small. However, Simon ConwayMorris (2003) has argued species very similar to the ones we know now(including human-like intelligent species) would evolve under a broadrange of conditions.

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guide the course of evolutionary history by causing the rightmutations to arise at the right time and preserving the forms of lifethat lead to the results he intends. (2011: 121)