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I'm a 9th grade student, writing an essay about the book Of Mice and Men.

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Lennie and George are best friends on a road trip, but this isn't that fun kind of road trip with . They're broke and looking for work on the farms of Northern California. The broke part is a problem, since they're planning on owning a farm someday. George is the brains behind this operation, while Lennie is, well, The duo can't hold down jobs for long, thanks to Lennie's childlike mentality and odd fetish for petting things, which includes mice, rabbits, puppies, and women. (This last one, of course, being the biggest issue—and it actually got them kicked out of their last job.)

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conversation between two people; sometimes an imagined conversation between the narrator and the reader. This is important in drama and can show conflict through a series of statements and challenges, or intimacy where characters mirror the content and style of each other's speech. It can also be found in the conversational style of a poem.

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User tags:of mice and men essay titlescatchy mic and men report titlesgood title for essay george killing

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– Thanks to the following people who have provided helpful information andcritical comments on various drafts of this essay: Joe Biles, Robert Chapman, Dennis Frank,Louis Girdler, Paul Hoch, Robert Johnson, John Leyden, David Lifton, Dave Reitzes, and PaulSeaton.

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Examples of narratives driven mainly by conflicts between the protagonist and nature include Jack London's "To Build a Fire" (in which the Californian struggles to save himself from freezing to death in Alaska) and Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat" (in which shipwrecked men in a lifeboat struggle to stay alive and get to shore).

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this is what i wrote- in the novel Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck demonstrates friendship as being vital during the 1930′s by describing the relationship between George and Lennie watching out for each