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Finally, a plethora of contemporary commentators tell us that her subjects
dearly loved her back.
So when comparing Elizabeth to other early modern queens one must remember she was a
regnant queen, which puts her in a rather small grouping that includes Isabel and Juana of
Castile, Mary Queen of Scots, Mary I, Mary II, and Anne of England, Christina and Ulrika
Eleonora of Sweden, the Hapsburg Empress Maria Theresa, and an entire parade of eighteenth
century Russian tsarinas, or female autocrats, the last of which was Catherine the Great.

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While political historians identified Elizabeth’s chief problems as marriage
and succession, the Protestant religious settlement, Mary, Queen of Scots, and the
continental religious polarizations that led to war with Spain, Frye uncovered a
constant battle, over the course of her entire reign, between Elizabeth and her
ministers, parliaments, and politically concerned male subjects to construct an
effective representation of female kingship.

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Three years later, after the Ridolfi plot was uncovered, which planned to assassinate
Elizabeth and replace her with Mary Queens of Scots, Elizabeth refused to cancel her
summer progress, indicative of not only how important it was to her to both see and
be seen by her subjects, but for foreign observers to know this also.

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Mary Stewart became Mary, Queen of Scots

In contrast, Mary Queen
of Scots had a hard time projecting herself as a truly Scottish queen, while Anne of Austria
suffered from her initial failure to adopt French customs or become proficient in the French

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Contemporaries noted Elizabeth’s
vanity, but the attention paid to royal deportment was equally true of Isabel of Castile,
Elizabeth’s sister and predecessor Mary I, Mary Queen of Scots, Anne of Austria, Maria
Theresa, and Catherine the Great.

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Ferrers possessed both the historical
knowledge and the legal training to write such a treatise- he had translated Magna
Carta into English back in 1534, and much later, during the 1571 parliamentary
session, Ferrers allegedly penned a tract in Latin outlining the English succession
from the Lancastrians and Yorkists down to Mary Queen of Scots, by then in
protective custody in the north of England.

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To do this, I will compare Elizabeth to a smattering of recognizable early modern European
queens, both consorts and regnants, such as Isabel of Castile, Mary Queen of Scots, Anne of
Austria, the consort of Louis XIII of France, Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa, and
Catherine the Great of Russia.

of the wars was the imprisonment and execution of Mary Stuart Queen of Scots.

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Because of this,
her closest heir was her Catholic cousin Mary Queen of Scots, who fled to England in 1568
after her deposition, rendering her Elizabeth’s not so welcome guest for nearly twenty years,
until she was beheaded in 1587 for conspiring to have Elizabeth deposed and killed.
Mary Queen of Scots tenure in England symbolized Europe’s religious polarization between
Catholic states such as France and Spain and Protestant ones such as Scotland and the
Netherlands, which launched a rebellion against their Catholic feudal overlord, Philip II of

On this day in 1587, Mary, Queen of Scots was executed by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.

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In this, Isabel, and Maria Theresa had a lot more in common with
queen consorts in their need to be considered good wives, something Mary Queen of Scots
failed to do during her tenure as regnant queen of Scotland.