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Academic papers commonly employ strict terminology, special concepts, and clear theses. A physicist, for instance, must justify theoretically their conception of a given object; a philosopher must elaborate their conception in a coherent and accurate way; and so forth. However, besides abstract reasoning and logical inferences, there is another way of expressing ideas, a manner which is very popular in daily language. To use imagery in is not recommended; on the other hand, essays may contain various types of imagery since an essay is a special genre which allows for free expression of thought and feelings. In this sense, an appropriate place to employ imagery is your school essay or . It is also possible (and widely used) in journalism, as well as in some political speeches (every good politician should master the usage of imagery).

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There are several advantages and flaws which result from the use of imagery in your essay. Let’s define imagery as words, phrases and situations which resemble real physiological senses. Very often we explain a given phenomenon by referring to some physiological perceptions or feelings. For example, figurative language (figures of speech, like metaphor, allegory, etc.) describes a given object by comparing it to another object, without real connection between both. The usage of imagery in written communication has the same task: it has to communicate more information through images which are well-known to the receiver of the message. Unlike strict academic terms, imagery stands very near to the minds of the majority of people, thereby making the expression and manifestation of every conceivable idea possible.

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In all cases, you should be very careful while using imagery in your essays. Always keep the balance between academic terms and definitions, and images and figures of speech. Read more; then you will know more phrases, and gain an “insight” on how and when to use imagery. Experience will make you a master of such way of writing.

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The poem is very easy to understand and is engaging to the reader because of the images the poem invokes.

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contains many of the classic images of the NDE. However, it is not unique in this respect. In , for example, Dorothy is transported inside the "tunnel" of a tornado to another place, where she meets the "good witch of the east." In , Alice begins her adventure by a long fall down a dark rabbit hole. Children's literature is replete with tunnels, extraordinary beings, life reviews, flying experiences, and tales of reunion (Kellehear 153).

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In effect, Berkeley is arguing that we can form ideas of things that we have never actually seen just inasmuch as we can form new mental pictures by the sort of cutting and pasting operations we could perform with pictures on paper – sticking the picture of a man's head onto a picture of the body of a horse, for example –but that, just as there is no way of drawing or creating a picture that inherently depicts the general man or the general triangle, we can form no such general ideas in our minds.[]If ideas are images (and if mental images are pictures), Berkeley'sargument (which continues to influence today's discussions of imageryand mental representation (e.g., Fodor, 1975)) may very well besound. If they are not images at all, it makes little sense (and ifmental images are not much like pictures, it is probably invalid).

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Specific NDE motifs certainly absent from the standard depictions of the afterlife provided by Western religious traditions. But Irwin carried out a systematic survey of Western stereotypes of the afterlife to test the hypothesis that NDE motifs derive from social conditioning (Irwin, "Images" 2). Irwin puts that hypothesis as follows: "[I]n a situation of sudden confrontation with death people might draw upon their common cultural heritage to generate comparatively uniform hallucinatory images about a state of existence that is independent of the physical body" (1). Irwin first considers the biblical depiction of Heaven offered in , but quickly notes that biblical sources not only fail to account for the uniformity of Western NDE motifs, but are actually with such motifs: