Beowulf’s enemies were Grendel and Grendel’s Mother.

Our client has, in fact, both legal and textual precedent for her attack on Heorot. The climax of the celebrations for Beowulf's victory over Grendel is the scop's telling of Finnsburh (1062-1159). Beowulf might have fairly regarded this tale as somewhat irrelevant, and indeed scholars tend to see it as episodic or digressive, but quintessentially heroic. Yet the trouble at Finnsburh provides, in many ways, the prototype for Grendel's mother's attack on Heorot. Hildeburh and Hengest, bereaved mother and avenger, together foreshadow the behavior of the , .

He had to fight Grendel and Grendel’s Mother.

Another reason for its strangeness is that Grendel’s mother is the only female-type creature.

He fought Grendel’s Mother underwater.

(“The eternal Lord avenged that murder by which[Cain] killed Abel. He did not rejoice in thatfeud, for the Measurer banished him from mankindfor that crime.” 107-110) It was left for Cain'smonstrous progeny, heroic exiles like Grendel'smother, to commemorate and perpetuate the firstmurder in the ritual of the blood-feud. Her advocatesmay be confident that she will enjoy the companyof heroes at .

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(“Nor indeed did Hildeburh need to hail the good faith of etens. Guiltlessly she was deprived of dear ones at that war-play, of sons and brothers” 1070-73.) Like Grendel's mother, Hildeburh

Grendel possesses the ability to feel human emotions such as envy and fear.

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Aires’s symbol, the ram, disgusts Grendel because it repeats the same motions that it had repetition without even realizing that fate is repeating itself....

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(“Not mourning that feud at all, the prince of the War-Geats seized Grendel's mother by the shoulder; the brave one in battle rushed then, when he was enraged, his deadly life-foe so that she fell to the floor” 1539-42.) Grendel's mother, however, knew more of the manly arts than her lumbering son:

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There is, however, a relevant distinction between Beowulf's nocturnal wrestling match with Grendel and his diurnal confrontation with Grendel's mother. Whereas he and Grendel had fought as fellow-, trying to rip each other apart, she and Beowulf fight as fellow-warriors, both scoring their best points with conventional weapons. Thus, as he prepares to fight Grendel, Beowulf actually disarms:

They close in for the kill, but Grendel's mother arrives just in time to save him....

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Grendel, to be sure, was a boy only a mother could love. Even if, as Paul Taylor unnervingly suggests, he had an appreciation for barbaric art and perhaps knew how to read and write, no one would ever suggest that his virtues outweighed his vices. He came to a bad end. Had Grendel followed his mother's example, however, staying home at night and only venturing out reluctantly to avenge the death of a kinsman, what would prevent us from seeing his behavior as heroic? To get to the point, why don't we count his mother among the great Germanic heroines?

Beowulf also excelled in war and adventure because he wanted to kill Grendel's mother.

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An alternative reason for this strangeness in the battle is due to the fact that Grendel’s mother is not a true monster, aside from her physical form....

After the mother took Grendel's body back with her to the cave, Beowulf followed her.

between the two aside from Grendel's mother's attempt to ..

Below in the hall, as soon as he gets his bearings, Beowulf draws the sword and strikes Grendel's mother on the head so hard that Hrunting (“sang a fierce battle-song” 1523-24). Hrunting, for the first time ever ( 1529), fails to leave the desired impression, and Beowulf throws it aside and prepares to subdue his hard-headed adversary in the same way he handled her son: