I examine these two possibilities in turn.

Trumpeted as a means to promote the general welfare, mass consumption quickly outgrew its economic objectives and became synonymous with patriotism, social equality, and the American Dream. Material goods came to embody the promise of America, and the power of consumers to purchase everything from vacuum cleaners to convertibles gave rise to the power of citizens to purchase political influence and effect social change. Yet despite undeniable successes and unprecedented affluence, mass consumption also fostered economic inequality and the fracturing of society along gender, class, and racial lines. In charting the complex legacy of our “Consumers’ Republic” Lizabeth Cohen has written a bold, encompassing, and profoundly influential book.

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Thus, an association might be a

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Thus modern revivals of orders of knighthood can either replicate thetrappings and outward appearance of their medieval models, in which casethey are essentially role-playing activities, or replicate (where feasible)the purpose and meaningful activities of their models, in which case theywould be called by another name. And the recreation of those purposes wouldbe limited to a large extent by the absence, in the modern world, of crusades,nobility as a social class.

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This applies in the case of lay fraternities and nobiliary associationsof the Middle Ages, none of which survived to the present day. In any case,these fraternities did not call themselves orders, and their members didnot call themselves knights even if they were, but rather companions (theterm "order of knighthood" is usually a misnomer). But one doesfind many examples of such associations, and they ranged widely in termsof membership requirements, strictness of statutes, religious or profanevocation, badges and paraphernalia. Be that as it may, could someone todayrevive or create such an association?

The term has been used for institutions which arose in three distinctperiods.

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Our theme for 2018 is “UP.” In today’s world it is easy to feel burdened, pulled down by the issues we face personally and as a global community. In 2018, KYOTOGRAPHIE invites you to look around, to look inside, in order to better look UP and trigger new personal and collective impetus towards ourselves and each other, to change our world through awareness, action and creation.
Our hope is that visitors encounter UP in the various forms presented in KYOTOGRAPHIE 2018 and engage with these diverse values, in turn changing mindsets and going UP in our own way!

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Greenfield’s lushly colored photographs—densely packed with visual information and paired with candid interviews with those pictured—are alternately shocking, humorous, touchingly vulnerable, and, often, unnervingly brash. The exhibition offers an insightful investigation into the pursuit of wealth, and its material trappings and elusive promises of happiness, and how it has evolved since the early 1990s.

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The Order of Malta has therefore lost a lot of its characteristics overtime, and its purpose changed considerably (note, however, that the moderncharitable activities are well in line with the hospitaller work whichwas always a fundamental part of the Order's medieval and early modernhistory; if not as prominent as slaying Turks). It has even experiencedgaps in its institutional existence, with a very murky episode in 1798-1801,and no Grand Master between 1805 and 1879.

Today, what institution could be legitimately be called an order ofknighthood?

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The Nobel Peace Center proudly announces that it will host the highly acclaimed photo exhibition, , created by the internationally renowned American photographer and filmmaker. This will be the first showing of the photo exhibition in Europe, which was originally produced by and debuted at the prestigious Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles. This photo exhibit, an extraordinary visual record and thematic investigation of our cultural obsession with wealth, celebrity, and image, will be on view at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, a distinguished arena for documentary photography and engagement with pressing social issues, from February 13, 2018 through August 20, 2018.