Diversity and Equity in Education EDCI 559

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Diversity and Equity in Education EDCI 559

By examining the diverse nature of both students and teachers, education can be revolutionized.

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A strong understanding of diversity should be the foundation of all classrooms within a higher educational setting, like that of Columbia College Chicago.

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The narrative freedom gained through diversity may allow for personal and historical connections that are often overlooked by textbooks and traditional education to be discovered.

Some educators have devised innovative approaches to teaching diverse student populations.

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While completely integrating diversity into classrooms is a challenge due to differences in cultural behavior, and misconceived notions of diversity education, there are many studies which are benefiting multiculturalism and strategies created...

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One of the NASPA studies examined the role of sports' participation in fostering an appreciation of diversity. This study found that "sports rank especially high among educational experiences that promote healthy respect and a sense of community among diverse students." Researchers posit that having a specific goal (winning) and a clear adversary (an opposing team) help students overcome individual differences and bond with their fellow teammates.

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The value added to my education by completing the Diversity and Equity in Education EDCI 559 course was extremely enlightening and helped me to address many more areas of diversity than I had considered before. We identified and implemented instructional and management strategies that are successful among diverse populations. Dr. Senette pointed out that there are six points of consensus regarding multicultural education that are essential to National Association for Multicultural Educators-(NAME’s) philosophy, and serve as NAME’s goals:

This essay looks in particular the education and training of staff on diversity issues including the native British culture for overseas staff.

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Rather than go into proposals for improvement, one begins by realizing first that "traditional" educators lack the ability to deal with classroom cultural diversity effectively.

How can we go about determining one standard value of a college education for a country so recognized for its diversity?

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In a higher-educational setting, like that of Columbia College Chicago, I believe that there is an opportunity to revolutionize education through diversity.

The need exists to further educate students and educators alike about the requisite understanding of our diverse cultures.

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[Affirmative action was overturned in California and Texas in 1996, and the resulting] anti-affirmative-action lawsuits and referenda proliferating throughout the country have roused educational leaders into clear awareness of the importance of research [into the benefits of cultural diversity] (p.