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Although there are many conflicts going on in this particular moment in the middle east, I have chosen the ongoing conflict involving Israel and Palestine, primarily due to the death of Yasser Arafat....

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This type of conflict is difficult to resolve as is evident in the situation in the Middle East.

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As a result, friction is created with Middle Eastern powers such as Jordan, Syria, and Turkey and the United States would like to keep these growing countries alliances (World Development Book Case Study: Gaza and the Impact of the Arab-Israeli conflict).

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Also, the report estimated that the entire Middle East has missed out of twelve trillion dollars over the past ten years due the Palestinian- Israeli conflict.

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conflicts within the Middle East can be said to have been ..

If President Trump is determined to cut a deal, this sounds like the smartest way to go. If he’s determined to be Israel’s best friend, he might aim his sights a little lower and deflate the idea that the Israeli–Palestinian issue is the key to resolving the Middle East’s many conflicts.

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The Middle East has always had much bigger problems and, often, much bigger conflicts than those having to do with “the Zionist entity.” Indeed, it is precisely because of those problems and conflicts that rulers in the region chose to magnify the Israel–Palestinian conflict into the Middle East conflict in the first place. Demonizing the Jews is always a useful distraction from domestic dysfunction and oppression.

Turmoil and conflict in the Middle East not only affects the people inhabiting this region, but also has global consequences.

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This conflict started the many conflicts between the two sides who continue to fight over land in the Middle East region, and overall control of the region.

The Middle East has always been a hot-bed for controversy and conflict; Iraq and Iran are no exception to this norm.

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An important geographical area where nationalism relates directly to the events occurring today would be in the Middle East where nationalistic views of two different nations, that of Jews and Arabs, coincide to create a very volatile conflict that has run its cours...

The Middle East has always had much bigger problems and, often, much bigger conflicts than those having to do with the Zionist entity.’

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The Middle East region of the world is a good example of why religious tolerance alone cannot and will not reduce religious-based conflict. To the contrary, it gives the paramount support for the Center’s approach, going beyond tolerance to attack this problem. So, the world must go forward by, among other things, emphasizing education in the direction of teaching the value of finding and emphasizing those common threads of similarity of religions rather than emphasizing the differences – though they certainly exist.