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A major problem with the use of fertilisers occurs when they're washed off the land by rainwater into rivers and lakes. The resulting increase of nitrate or phosphate in the water encourages algae growth, which forms a bloom over the water surface. This prevents sunlight reaching other water plants, which then die. Bacteria break down the dead plants and use up the oxygen in the water so the lake may be left completely lifeless.

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The increase of nitrate or phospate from fertilisers into water causes eutrophication

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Writing an essay about water pollution is a cinch, especially if you’ve been reading a lot about the subject. Water pollution is a usual topic in high school and college essays, primarily because it is timely and relevant. Here are a few vital tips you should know on how to make a water pollution essay.

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A new generation of geostationary satellites proposed by ESA would benefit areas of applications that require high spatial and temporal resolutions, possibly with access to satellite observations in near real time. These areas include natural resource monitoring, environmental monitoring (including illegal discharges of pollutants), disaster management for natural and manmade hazards, maritime security and surveillance, land security and surveillance and Earth science.


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