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As the authors note, what was a construction area for them in 1994 was a high-traffic parking lot and recreation area back in 1977, providing an even better view of Maria's shoe than the one they saw so easily. Their 1994 'test shoe' was so conspicuous, in fact, that by the time they returned to the hospital one week later, "someone not specifically looking for it" had noticed it and removed it (32). It is quite likely, then, "that anyone who might have noticed the shoe back in 1977 would have commented on it because of the novelty of its location" and Maria could have heard such a conversation and consciously forgotten about it, incorporating it into her out-of-body imagery (32). Moreover, even if no one had seen it from the ground level, Ebbern and Mulligan tested Clark's claim that Maria's shoe was impossible to see from inside the room unless she pressed her face hard against the glass looking for it. This claim was found to be wanting:

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I, the Mother who wanted to teach her only beloved girl that it wasn’t about what you wore, how you did your hair, your make-up if you (at 13) wear make-up defines who you are. She decided that she was going to define who she is in the very avenue I was hoping to avoid.

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When Gordon B. Hinckley is asked by the media about polygamy, he often doesn't give an answer other than saying 'it's all behind us now'. This sounds like he is implying that maybe it was a mistake but we don't do it anymore. He doesn't defend the practice or say that it wasn't wrong. He wants the LDS Church to appear mainstream instead of taking the opportunity to explain our unique and special beliefs. He downplays it saying it was practiced by only 2-5% of the population vs the 20-30% that LDS historians say practiced it. Why doesn't he say that it was God's will, it was suspended for a time as it was no longer practical to be practiced, but will be practiced again in the next life and during the millennium when Christ reigns on the earth?

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I appreciated your article and wholeheartedly agree. Here is where I struggle and why I intentionally point out ALL traits I see in the young girls (and young boys) I work with as a school counselor…no one, not even my parents, said that I was pretty. My mother always said “pretty is as pretty does” and then she never complimented me…so I felt I never did anything right either. I didn’t feel exceptionally smart or talented, just good at doing the laundry. Now as an adult woman I struggle with self esteem, facial and body image. I truly believe if just one significant person in my life had told me I was beautiful I wouldn’t seek it in unhealthy ways. I tell students they are dressed nicely for school, I get excited when I hear them reading, I point out how glad I am to see them because they make me smile and I do all of this to fat, skinny, homely, beautiful, intelligent, special ed and struggling students. I believe EACH child is beautiful and they need to know it… not the beauty that the world holds but the beauty that they each hold. We can always find ONE good thing about a kid and make sure to tell them out loud, so others hear it! I also believe modeling appropriate work attire, coming to work with my hair done and ready to hit the ground running are good examples to students. There are days I wear no makeup and no jewelry…kids see me as less put together these days. I just tell them that I wanted to look more simple today but I’m still here to work for them…they accept that. The messages that we give children are so powerful and we are powerful force for good when we empower them to see the beauty inside of themselves and not look for approval from the world. I wish someone had done that for me!

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Whether we like it or not, polygamy will always be connected to the LDS Church. It's the big elephant in the room and will likely always be brought up by outsiders when discussing the Church. Polygamy for most LDS falls into the box of "things that we will know about after we die", "God will explain all". Most LDS don't want to think about it and assume that it will be worked out in some way that we will be comfortable with.

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I am reminded of Maria Shriver talking about how Sargent would tell her every night that she could be anything she wanted to be. We tell that to our girls constantly. A child that truly believes that is truly empowered.