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In 1962, when Rachel Carson wrote about the impacts of DDT in her landmark book Silent Spring, many people were skeptical of her warning that future years might bring spring without birds’ songs. How could a product that was so widely used be so dangerous? Today, Carson’s counterparts are asking the same question about products that we use every day.

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Nonetheless, Silent Spring has emerged to become the environmental-awareness benchmark is was never intended to be; and should motivate even the most junior of environmentalist to help turn back the quest for environmental conquering and bring about the honor and respect we once gave the environment; the environment that not only sustains us - but has done so for thousands of years.

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Rachel Carson's Silent Spring exposed the dangers and risks of everyday chemicals and Essays might address one or more of the following questions:.

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Reading and Discussion Questions, Rachel Carson, Silent Spring. 1. Carson'Silent Spring Essay Topics s first chapter explains the title of her book. Why is it Silent Spring Essay Topics called “Silent Spring”? 2.

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