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I will have to live with questioning this for the rest of my life.

Our sweet son died two and a half hours after the first time I had left him.

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- 1964 TVR Grantura with the stock three main MGB 1800CC motor and MGB four speed gear box (non syncro in to first). Full ground up restoration finished in 2008, never seen a day of rain since. Full leather interior (seat backs are vinyl), roll bar that extends to become a cage around the updated (modern) gas tank and three point seat belts. If you are interested I have a dozen or so emails written up with lots of information and more pictures. This is the exact model car that Griffith used to make the famous Griffith 200 as the Mk III has the wider chassis, using the V8 289 dropped in to it. You probably know this is a rare car, as you probably know, only 97 of the Mk III's built and one of the few still on the road (not a vintage racer). It is a right hand drive car, and is located in Victoria on Vancouver Island, on the West coast of Canada. Vancouver a major international shipping port is a half days journey.. (03/23/17)

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We don’t use “cons” in formal writing. Also “cons result” is not a compound noun. To get a good score you will need to reduce your grammar and vocabulary errors which are currently at band 5.

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Karin says we have stumbled upon a new genre of music called “Reality Christmas.”

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You should answer two questions: 1) do you think alternative forms of transport should be encouraged? 2) Do you think international laws should be introduced for car ownership?

Maybe if we just tell the truth, it will give others freedom to do so.

s for sale (includes all Mini's and derivatives)

Actually it’s same as yours but I changed some words
” Social networking sites, such as Facebook, are thought by some to have had a detrimental effect on individual people as well as society and local communities. In my opinion, I believe that those sites have much advantages to individual, but also they are damaging the local communities and the relationships between the people. ”