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In his essay , Edward Tufte analyzed the slides used by NASA to assess the danger to the Columbia shuttle upon reentry after debris damaged its wing during takeoff. Tufte writes that the slides gave “mixed readings” of the threat.

Edward tufte essay the cognitive style of powerpoint

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Tufte’s essay about the cognitive styleof PowerPoint (2003) was quoted by many TeXniciansat that time (I must say, however, that we now haveTeX tools quite capable of reproducing PowerPointstyle).

Tufte; The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint by Edward R

Tufte has criticized the way is typically used. In his essay "The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint", Tufte criticizes many properties and uses of the software:

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Edward Tufte’s intelligent diatribe against the liabilities of Powerpoint is a welcome counterpoint to the kneejerk use of an all too familiar presentation format.

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