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Dr. Seide feels that it was important to focus on science for its own sake while working toward her PhD. However, she encourages students to understand that ''if you want to do science from another perspective, more avenues are open to you. I have found how exciting it is to learn from people in other disciplines and to look at science from other perspectives."

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If you have not decided on a career yet, here are some questions and options to consider.

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To those with a knack for words and writing, there is a plethora of writing scholarships available at the tip of your pen. Scholarships are often awarded based on standard, basic, and fairly universal criteria.

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Students with unusual talents and interests often find themselves uniquely suited to art scholarships, creative scholarships, and many others that require "special" talents.

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Dr. Seide is now an attorney in the New York firm of Brumbaugh, Graves, Donohue & Raymond. In her specialty of intellectual-property law, she spends much of her time in litigation and counseling: Does a new biotechnology process or product merit a patent? Can a client expect good protection for the life of the patent? To answer such questions, she must understand the cutting-edge research that her clients are doing. She could not do this without her expertise in—and love for—science.

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signed—how well do your own skills and personality match the career you imagine?

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Your own goals will determine which academic degree is most appropriate for you. Many people find satisfying careers in a variety of positions after the bachelor's degree. Others, notably engineers, find that a master's degree equips them well for professional careers. For those who hope for careers conducting research and/or teaching at the university level, a PhD will probably be required.

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It is important to remember that science-oriented students are not all alike, any more than all artists or all politicians are alike. Your success will depend on going where your particular interests lead you. Are you exhilarated by the challenge of a new problem or puzzle or need? Does the complexity of the natural world prompt a desire to understand it? If so, science and engineering study—rigorous though it is—will provide you with the tools and concepts that you need to achieve your goals.