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19For more information on the buildup to the war and its effects on America’s political culture,see Herring, From Colony to Superpower; LaFeber, New Empire; Robert L. Beisner, Fromthe Old Diplomacy to the New, 1965–1900 (Wheeling, IL: Harlan Davidson, 1986); andCharles S. Campbell, Transformation of American Foreign Relations, 1865–1900 (New York:HarperCollins, 1976).

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DEMAND D'AMOUR (French, "demand of love"): A medieval motif common in French and continental courtly literature in which a hypothetical situation would appear as a "love-problem," and the listeners would attempt to resolve the issue through debate. Such debates may have been common in real-life medieval party-games or flirtations among the nobility before they became literary motifs. By the late medieval period, many collections of such hypothetical situations and accompanying questions had appeared, such as the Middle English Demaundes of Love. Chaucer's narrators in the Knight's Tale, the Franklin's Tale, and The Parliament of Fowels explicitly ask their audiences to make judgments of this sort at various points in the tale, and the marriage group as a whole in The Canterbury Tales implicitly asks the readers to explore what makes a happy marriage.

DAGGER: Another term for the symbol obelisk. See .

It is precisely this distance between what they can achieve and whatthey want to achieve that is the cause of the tragic (and in many casesthe comic) aspect of these people's lives. Ibsen felt that this contradictionbetween will and real prospects was at the root of his art. Looking backon 25 years of writing in 1875, he declared that most of what he had writteninvolved "the contradiction between ability and aspiration, betweenwill and possibility". In this conflict he saw "humanity's andthe individual's tragedy and comedy simultaneously." - A decade later,he created the tragicomic constellation of the priest Rosmer and his scruffyteacher Ulrik Brendel. These two men, who are reflections of each other,both end up on the brink of an abyss where all they see is life's totalemptiness and insignificance.

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14Downes v. Bidwell, 182 US 244 (27 May 1901).

Citizenship was a controversial subject on an island whose political leadersstruggled to define its relationship with the United States. For example, LuisMuñoz Rivera initially argued against granting Puerto Ricans U.S. citizenshipin the debate over the Jones Act, following the lead of his Union Party, whicheliminated statehood from its platform in 1912. However, he personally embraced the prospect of U.S. citizenship for Puerto Ricans. After eventuallyendorsing the Jones Act on the House Floor, Muñoz Rivera proceeded to explainwhy many Puerto Ricans rejected it. “My countrymen, who, precisely thesame as yours, have their dignity and self respect to maintain, refuse to accepta citizenship of an inferior order, a citizenship of the second class, which doesnot permit them to dispose of their own resources nor to live their own livesnor to send to this Capitol their proportional representation,” he said.52 MuñozRivera never saw the Jones Act implemented; he died before President Wilsonsigned it into law on March 2, 1917.

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In other words, Ibsen was in close contact with the art of the stagefor a long uninterrupted period. His six years at the theater in Bergen(1851-57) and the following four or five years at the theater in Kristianiafrom 1857 were not easy. But he acquired a sharp eye for theatrical techniquesand possibilities.

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40Bartholomew Sparrow, The Insular Cases and the Emergence of American Empire (Lawrence:University Press of Kansas, 2006): 10, 40–55.

"Why are you, and the rest of us who hold the European viewpoint,so isolated at home?"


Are we foreigners? No; because we are American citizens, andno citizen of the United States can be a foreigner within theboundaries of the Nation. Are we a part of the Union? No;because we are an unincorporated Territory under the rulingsof the Supreme Court. Can you find a proper definition forthis organized and yet unincorporated Territory, for this pieceof ground belonging to but not forming part of the UnitedStates? Under the rulings of the courts of justice we are neitherflesh, fish, nor fowl. We are neither a part nor a whole. We arenothing; and it seems to me if we are not allowed to be partof the Union we should be allowed to be a whole entity withfull and complete control of our internal affairs.59