Draw a colourful cow while blindfolded.

Each group receives a piece of paper and a starter word (e.g. tree). Under the word “tree”, another word is written. The word is only allowed to have a maximum of two letters changed to make a new word. Which group will manage to most word changes.

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The group must invent the longest word within 60 seconds and write it down.

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This is also an ancient game which is always suitable as a time filler, especially when two people do not know what to do. Each player draws a 10x10 box onto squared paper. The tops of the columns are filled with letters and the rows with numbers. Ships are then drawn into this playing area horizontally or vertically. There must always be one space left between ships. Five ships are available to choose from: A ship which is 5 spaces long, a ship with 4 spaces, a ship with 3 spaces and two ships with 2 spaces. By guessing the co-ordinates, each player tries to find the opponent’s ships. Each miss is marked with a point and each hit with a cross. If a hit is made, the player is allowed to take another shot. The opponent’s hits should be marked on your playing field with a different colour or a second field is drawn to keep better track of the opponent’s hits and misses.

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The whole group has to write a newspaper report. Everyone writes a section of the report then folds the paper over and passes it on to the next: Who.... does what with whom.... the weather was.... he location was.... description of the place..... against what (who was there?).... what happened.... at what time.... other conditions.....

Option: To ensure variation, each word must begin with a different letter.

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The whole group must write an announcement. Everyone only write a part of it, folds the paper over and passes it on to the next person: Who or what ?.... What material ? .... More description..... What happened with it ?.... Under which conditions ? .... At what price ? ....Offers to whom ? ....

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One person holds a pen in their hand and does not move. The other person moves the paper around under the pen and tries to write a word. The most readable result is the winner.

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This game is lots of fun for smaller children – at least my children enjoy it. However it can also be adapted into a nice game for older children too. Option 1: A number or letter is drawn on a child’s back with the finger. The child must guess the number, letter (or complete word). Option 2: 5-6 children sit behind each other in groups. The first person in line is shown a number, a motive (dog, cat, mouse, house, tree, bird, ...), or a word. The person now draws the item on the next person’s back with their finger. As soon as he thinks he has worked out what has been drawn, he then draws it on the next person’s back and so on. The last person in the line must now draw this phrase/motive/letter/number on a piece of paper and hand it back to the first person in the line. In the next round, everyone moves one place forward, the first player becomes the last player. The group with the best results wins the game.

Option: It is easier if one letter is allowed to be added or if one letter can be removed.

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The game is similar to pictionary. Instead of drawing a word, the candidate receives a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. Now the player has to cut the given word (e.g. dog, cat, mouse, house, tree, sun etc.) from a piece of paper and hold it up. Will the group be able to guess which word has been cut out?

Who can name some words which have animals in them? (birdcage, mousetrap, catkin, fishnet, …)

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In the first round, everyone draws a head and neck. The picture is then folded over so that only couple of millimetres of neck can be seen. The paper is passed on to the right. In the next round, everyone draws an upper body down to the belly button on the paper. The paper is then folded over again so that the next person can add the lower body down to the knees. The paper is passed on again and the last picture is the knee down to the feet. At the end the picture is complete and can be unfolded. Some very funny characters appear.

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The team builds a plane from a piece of paper. Which airplane will fly the furthest? How long does the team need to fly the plane a certain distance? The team must always be thrown from the point where the plane landed. The flight path does not have to be on a field. It can be around a building or in a building.