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The airline company could not just pass off the fact they just made 1.7 million dollars, but they couldn’t say they made money off a destroyed plane where lives were lost. They ended up solving the problem by inserting a footnote in their annual report saying the 1.7 million was due to the “involuntary conversion of a 727.” This way nobody was mad or upset, or questioned their motives.

Governor of Rhode Island, 1985-89

Doublespeak and Propaganda – Quinton Lyvers

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For example, in 1978 a 727 aircraft crashed on takeoff killing three and injuring 21 others. The plane was destroyed, many people would think this would be devastating for an airline, however the insured value of the plane was greater than the book value so in the end the airline made a profit of 1.7 million dollars.

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I learned from the article that word choice plays a huge role in a large corporate companies way of speaking through media and advertising. Word choice and how companies phrase statements or advertising they release, can completely deceive an audience.


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