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During the nineteenth century the theme was taken up by the correspondents of , as well as in two works cataloguing the phenomenon and a volume that denounced the barbarity of censorship by fire. This notion of the struggle for the freedom of the press likewise characterized treatments of the subject written during the first half of the twentieth century. Since then there have been studies of Lutheran books burned in England during the 1520s and, more recently, Cyndia Clegg’s reconsideration of the practice of Elizabethan and Jacobean press censorship by re-contextualizing government documents and examining the rhetorical strategies of censored texts. Furthermore, David Cressy has discussed book burning in Tudor and Stuart England from 1521 to 1642.

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This view has been convincingly challenged and replaced by a more nuanced appreciation of the ways in which licensers could exert a moderating influence through sympathetic handling of a text.

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Though works continued to be genuinely licensed, notably fast sermons and parliamentary speeches, the Stationers’ register became increasingly used to protect the publisher’s copyright rather than to indicate official approbation. Moreover, as has been shown, the appointment of more than 25 licensers in June 1643 suggests a continuity of Laudian policy, if not particularly of personnel – which reflected factional interests. Indeed, lack of a universally agreed strategy and uniform practice was a characteristic feature of licensing in the later 1640s and 1650s.

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