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The link between Popper’s theory of knowledge and his socialphilosophy is his fallibilism—just as we make theoreticalprogress in science by deliberately subjecting our theories tocritical scrutiny, and abandoning those which have been falsified, sotoo, Popper holds, the critical spirit can and should be sustained atthe social level. More specifically, the open society can be broughtabout only if it is possible for the individual citizen to evaluatecritically the consequences of the implementation of governmentpolicies, which can then be abandoned or modified in the light of suchcritical scrutiny—in such a society, the rights of theindividual to criticise administrative policies will be formallysafeguarded and upheld, undesirable policies will be eliminated in amanner analogous to the elimination of falsified scientific theories,and differences between people on social policy will be resolved bycritical discussion and argument rather than by force. The opensociety as thus conceived of by Popper may be defined as ‘anassociation of free individuals respecting each other’s rights withinthe framework of mutual protection supplied by the state, andachieving, through the making of responsible, rational decisions, agrowing measure of humane and enlightened life’ (Levinson, R.B.In Defense of Plato, 17). As such, Popper holds, it is not autopian ideal, but an empirically realised form of social organisationwhich, he argues, is in every respect superior to its (real orpotential) totalitarian rivals. But he does not engage in a moraldefence of the ideology of liberalism; rather his strategy is the muchdeeper one of showing that totalitarianism is typically based uponhistoricist and holist presuppositions, and of demonstrating thatthese presuppositions are fundamentally incoherent.

Differences Between Evaluation And Analysis Essays

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Words in the academic world often have a lot of meanings. It will happen a student gets very confused. An example is the difference between evaluation and analysis. You may have to write an essay that deals with the evaluation of something and another work that requires an analysis. What is the difference? Here’s a fairly easy explanation.

The Main Difference Between Evaluation And Analysis Essays. Words in the academic world often have a lot of meanings. It will happen a student gets very confused.
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