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The only thing I take issue with is your description of the DFW’s knowledge of drugs as second-hand. To me, the book reads as obsessed with drugs, in love with them, and loving to go over details that feel as if the author has experienced them directly (as have I). Have you seen this email to wallace-l, which most people feel is by DFW and which comports with what DTMax has written recently? I’m not sure what is at stake in the difference between making up the drug details and having really experienced them, but for what it’s worth, I think they come from his experience, and I think the book is much poorer for the surprising amount of time it spends ruminating on the pleasures, enticements, seductions, and anomie of drug use.

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I don’t want to make any assumptions about the underlying intentions or personal experience about the author of this article (a courtesy I wish he would have extended to DFW), but he sounds like someone who has never struggled with depression. As someone who has, I found DFW’s descriptions of mental habits and addictions incredibly compelling. The author of this article is correct about both the foolishness of intellectual angst and the feeling of superiority one might derive from it, the whole “they don’t understand me, I feel things more deeply” bullshit. But anyone with depression and a little maturity realizes the fallacy of this sort of thinking—Wallace certainly seems to—and would never argue that there is anything superior about such a distorted and masochistic pattern of thinking.

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lol @ this clueless dork commenter trying to pull a hatchet job on mr ramon and his brilliant takedown of df wallace and hubert selby, ranting about “hipsters” and “mcsweeneyites”

22/01/2015 · P44: “…’leap over the walls of self’ (Wallace 1998, 51)
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